Sage Order Pal from DB Computer Solutions

Sage Order Pal from DB Computer Solutions
Enabling your end-customers to re-order quickly, efficiently, and accurately,

… With no fuss

If your end-customers place frequent re-orders for goods or services, new Sage Order Pal from DB Computer Solutions increases order accuracy while maximising in-house accounting and back-office efficiency.

How It Works: DB Computer Solutions innovative Sage Order Pal application significantly reduces paperwork for customers who frequently reorder.

  1. DB Computer Solutions installs Sage Order Pal on your I.T. system and fully integrates the application with Sage 50 or Sage 50c (Sage Order Pal also fully integrates with Sage 200 or Sage 200c)

  2. The application is also installed onto your end-customers’ I.T. Systems (or smart mobile devices)

  3. When any of your customers wants to re-order goods or services from you, they open the easy-to-use Sage Order Pal application

  4. A full history of orders made by them (including product name and order quantities) appears in the application

  5. The customer reorders either historic product types / quantities, or provides details for new quantities

  6. The customer confirms the order

  7. The order is transmitted to your Sage 50  / Sage 200 accounting solution.  Sage accounting systems automatically generate a Purchase Order  using that data

  8. You can also quickly create invoices from Sage Order Pal data

The Many Benefits

Sage Order Pal from DB Computer Solutions:

  1. Prompts your end-customers to order frequently, and speeds the product or service to them, helping to maximise revenues and profits, while reinforcing customer loyalty

  2. On the end-customer side: Sage Order Pal helps to prevent costly stock-outs

  3. The application is easy to use, increases accuracy, and speeds order processing and fulfilment for increased service levels and goodwill

  4. Saves money by reducing costly personal sales calls to prompt re-orders

  5. Reduces paperwork and associated back-office tasks for increased efficiency and productivity

  6. Minimises data re-keying for increased order accuracy

  7. Fully integrates with Sage 50, Sage  50c, Sage 200, and Sage 200c

Want to Know More?

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