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Sage Payroll Description

Increase Payroll Accuracy And Productivity

Sage Payroll is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use payroll system designed to address the needs of medium to large-sized Irish businesses. Harnessing the latest technologies, Sage Payroll is highly customisable, with the flexibility to handle advanced reporting while taking care of all Irish Revenue requirements – including PRSA, Benefit in Kind (BIK), and the latest legislation.

    Sage Payroll Benefits

For quick, simple and accurate processing, Sage Payroll helps to ensure your compliance with the latest Irish payroll and reporting legislation, while keeping payroll complexities to a minimum.

Ideal for businesses with 1 - 500+ employees, market-leading Sage Payroll software provides a highly cost-effective solution for any business size. Designed to simplify complex payroll processes and make paying your employees straightforward, even first-time users will be up-and-running in no time.

sage-200-professional Benefits

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Guaranteed compliance with the latest legislation
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • secure employee pay advice by email
  • Calculate and track holiday entitlements
  • Payroll year end processing guides and support
  • Powerful reporting suite
  • Integration with accounting product
  • Integrated reporting with Excel for further analysis
  • Fully integrates with Sage 50, Sage 50cloud, Sage 200 and Sage 200cloud

latest releases




Sage Payroll v22.3 from DB Computer Solutions

Do you have the latest version?

We announce the availability of the latest version of Sage Payroll, Sage Payroll v22.3.

What's new in Sage Payroll v22.3?

PAYE Modernisation - Improvements.

  • Payroll Submission and Retrieve RPNs - Searching log reports
  • Payroll Submission - add Pay Period to the Summary report
  • Set Period will warn if the user hasn't completed the payroll submission
  • Period Archive - Set Period warning - update text
  • New Pay Date Field

PAYE Modernisation - New features

  • Revenue Statement of Account
  • Employer Monthly Liability Report

New Features

  • Remove unused Payments
  • Remove unused Deductions


  • CWPS (Construction Workers Pension Scheme)

Customer Improvements (these are the improvements asked for by Sage Payroll Users)

  • Background Updates
  • Allow a negative BIK (gross) to be processed in timesheets.
  • Remove ROS reports from consolidation payroll
  • Export nominal report to pdf and excel
  • Validate Payroll Data will display warning if employee start date is a future Tax year
  • ASC report - Standard Report Writer


  • Windows 7 SP1/Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 end of Microsoft support warning message Are you using the latest version of Sage Payroll? Get the power of new functions and features.


Get this Latest Release to Help You Comply with The Revenue's PAYE Modernisation Programme

Sage Payroll v21.2 is now available. This version helps all DB Computer Solutions Payroll customers to fully prepare for the Revenue's PAYE Modernisation Programme. This version introduces new fields and sign up processes for Sage Online Services - a requirement for all customers, enabling you to easily make RTR (Real Time Reporting) submissions.

What it includes

  • New Fields and Sign Up Processes for Sage Online Services
  • Registering your payroll to use the Sage Online Service to ROS
  • The ability to specify your employees' country of residence within their records

If you're upgrading from Sage Micropay v21.0, the first thing you'll notice is that your software now has a new name, Sage Payroll. Sage Payroll v21.2 also includes the following additions and improvements:

  • The ability to generate an Employee List to ROS file for PAYE Modernisation, when you are contacted by the Revenue to submit one.
  • The Validate Payroll Data feature now checks for data older than six years which should be removed under the GDPR legislation and provides guidance on what to do next
  • Fields to record Employment IDs.
  • The ability to cater for employees with PAYE exclusion orders.
  • Flag status for proprietary and non-proprietary directors.
  • PRSI Exemption option so you can exclude employees from PRSI calculations, if required.
  • The ability for tax agents to record their Tax Advisor Identification Number (TAIN).
  • Flags to indicate if staff is on a shadow payroll.
  • Changes to the Re-Instate Leaver utility.

In short, this latest version of Sage Payroll helps you to easily comply with the Revenue's PAYE Modernisation Programme.

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Are you looking for reliable easy-to-use payroll systems?

If you’re not yet a Sage Payroll user, you’ll find this payroll solution not only reliable but quick to learn. With Sage Payroll, your business can quickly and accurately pay all employees across a variety of requirements, maintain longer term histories, and easily comply with Revenue requirements. DB Computer Solutions can help you upgrade to the latest version. Or if you are not yet a Sage Payroll user, we can install the solution for you. DB Computer Solutions can also integrate Sage Payroll into Sage Accounting systems, and delivers outstanding, reliable Sage Support and Sage Training for all Sage solutions.with Sage CRM

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