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Sage Support from Ireland’s Leading Sage Partner keeps you up and running

DB Computer Solutions has a proven track record of providing superlative support for all Sage Solutions including Sage 50, Sage 50c, Sage 200 Standard, Sage 200 Professional, Sage CRM and Sage Payroll. With over 20 years’ experience, our Support Service is staffed with a team of knowledgeable, pro-active, and considerate employees who have one mission:

To keep your Sage Solutions up and running.

If your Sage Support Contact is expiring, we hope you’ll consider Sage Support from DB Computer Solutions.

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With Sage Support from DB Computer Solutions your business will maximise the power of your Sage Solutions.

  • Drive Robust Performance of your Sage Solutions with timely support to address any issue
  • Leverage all accounting functionalities with help from our experienced Sage Support Staff
  • Increase back office efficiency, accuracy and productivity
  • Gain deeper management insight for more control and accelerated growth
  • Integrate powerful applications to meet unique business challenges
  • Update Sage software with latest versions for more features and functionalities

Our Team works hard to help your business get the most from your Sage Solution. Sage Helpdesk Support professionals pride themselves in expediting customers’ support requests, knowing your Sage Software is critical to your business.

The flexible and timely Helpdesk Support Service from DB Computer Solutions is tailored to meet budget criteria and delivers value for money.

Sage Helpdesk Support Services: Tailored to Your Requirements

Onsite Training, Support and Assistance – helps your staff to fully understand Sage Solutions functionality to get the most from your Sage product. Our Team’s assistance accelerates your employees’ knowledge to increase productivity and efficiency, and expedites required workflows.

Helpdesk Support – DB Computer Solutions Helpdesk staff work hard to get you up and running, often within 2 to 4 hours, in the event of a technical software issue. When an issue is reported by a customer we respond quickly with an efficient and effective protocol.

Initial Tele-Intervention by a Helpdesk team member who first talks you through the issue. In the event the issue is not resolved it is immediately escalated.

Remote Access by Helpdesk team members enables us to access the software remotely and seamlessly, allowing us to work quickly to resolve the issue.

Remote Issue Support Ticket Login with full audit history and tracking is implemented right through to issue resolution.

Ongoing Training and Helpdesk Support – maintains and increases user knowledge throughout the life of your Sage Solution. We answer any queries you have regarding software functionality and processes.

As Ireland’s largest Sage Software partner, DB Computer Solutions is committed to delivering excellence in Sage Support, and partners with our customers to keep their critical Sage software performing efficiently.


DB Computer Solutions has been providing industry specific training to companies using Sage products for over 20 years. We can help you make the best use of your software investment. Throughout our history we have worked in many industries across multiple markets and verticals. Our capabilities enable us to bring deep knowledge and expertise to your organisation.

Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions, together with our Sage Support Services, helps existing staff to fully understand the depth, breadth and scope of Sage solutions.

And we help get New Hires and Temps up and running quickly for seamless efficiency.

Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions is flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Daily on site
  • Remote in 2-hour sessions
  • Classroom style sessions

For more information see our Sage Training from DB Computers Webpage

Consulting and Integrated Applications

DB Computer Solutions also offers a range of related services and software applications.

Consultancy from DB Computer Solutions works closely with customers to expedite solutions to meet exacting needs. Transformational consultancy engagements, combined with Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions, often result in a programme of re-engineering existing Sage solutions to meet exacting vertical market requirements (see how with this case study).

Integrated Applications from DB Computer Solutions leverage technology to increase productivity and efficiency for specific requirements. Some of our applications include:

Barscan from DB Computer Solutions, integrated with Sage Accounting solutions, empower businesses to accurately track stock for manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, and service sectors.

Remote Rep from DB Computer Solutions communicates seamlessly with Sage Accounting solutions via cloud-enabled technology. The application together with handheld devices increases Field Sales Rep efficiency and profitability by speeding orders from remote locations at anytime and from anywhere.

Service Manager for CRM from DB Computer Solutions delivers remote access from engineers and field sales teams to Sage CRM, accelerating customer service and orders from the field.

InShip from DB Computer Solutions automates Accounts Payable invoice processing for increased efficiency and accuracy.

We also deliver, integrate, and support applications to help companies realize vertical market requirements such as Sage Manufacturing.


The people at DB Computer Solutions have helped to support hundreds of organisations across Ireland to get the most from their Sage Solutions, including Sage 50, Sage 50c, Sage 200cloud Standard, Sage 200cloud Professional, Sage CRM and Sage payroll solutions. Should you require support for your Sage Software Solutions please contact us.

Email:               Tel: 061 480 980

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