Sage CRM and Contract Management

Not all companies require an immediate billing once a sales process has reached completion.

For a lot of companies, agreement on a sale is the beginning of a much bigger partnership.

In order to maintain a strong relationship between you and your client, you need to make sure that regular contact is maintained. By regular contact, we don’t mean that they should receive constant emailed marketing information, but more relevant information at the appropriate time.

For example, a sale from a company may lead to a service contract of some description and in order to maintain the agreement of that contract, regular services or visits need to be carried out on a designated date.

Documentation of that task needs to be recorded and available to the client when required. This not only maintains contract terms, but also highlights your company’s professionalism and strengthens the relationship between both parties.

Using Sage CRM and DB Computers’ Service Module software solution, you can not only maintain a Sales & Marketing pipeline, but also auto-generate a contract upon completion of the sale – without the need to duplicate any of the information recorded throughout the process. This obviously makes life easier.

SageCRM’s Service Module will also allow you to allocate serialized equipment against a given contract and indeed any agreed consumables necessary to maintain its service.

Not only will it auto-schedule agreed visit times as laid out by the agreed contract, but it will also prompt the client, service engineer and service manager at key moments by email or text. Any job or visit information recorded by the engineer can be signed for by the client and a pdf copy will be recorded against their contract for reference purposes.

In this way, contract management can be facilitated, and even customised according to the specific industry you are in – incorporating criteria laid out by regulatory bodies – such as Health and Safety legislation if you are involved in water treatment or environmental services. Again, making life more straightforward.

Billing can also be regulated based on the completion of a visit or agreed set date. In order to maximise your client retention, you can have Sage CRM assign appointments or phone calls for your sales representative well in advance of the renewal date of the contract.

At all times the Service Manager can see a pipeline of all live, lost or due to expire contracts giving you an accurate indication of your company’s standing. Sage CRM will also provide a live pipeline of your current service visits.


This will show you how many visits are active and what stage each visit is at. For example: Engineer Assigned, Checked In, Service Report Started or Service complete.

Furthermore, in linking SageCRM’s Service Module with Sage 50 or Sage 200, you can also push invoices through to your accounts package without having to replicate details all over again. Availing of a real-time link between CRM and accounts may be very beneficial!

To recap, with Sage CRM and DB Computer’s Service Module you can:

  • Create a contract directly from the sale itself with no duplication
  • Auto-Schedule visits according to the contract terms
  • Maintain a pipeline for your existing contracts and service visits
  • Notify the relevant parties when a visit is imminent or a contract is to be renewed
  • Create a pdf docket on completion of your work signed by the client
  • Bill directly to either Sage 50 or Sage 200 with no duplication from your accounts department

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