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SmartOffice Accounts Payable

SmartOffice Automated Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

First, Discover the Benefits
See how SmartOffice AP from DB Computer Solutions benefited an Irish Pharmacy Group with 90 percent time-savings and 85 percent cost-savings compared to manual supplier invoice processing systems. Read the Stacks Pharmacy Group Case Study.

Why SmartOffice AP?
Manual processing of supplier invoices and statements is a time-consuming, expensive chore. From opening the envelopes to batching the invoices, re-directing them to the right person for approval, to reconciling each one against supplier statements; then keying them into the accounts system as well as storing hundreds of invoices – not to mention finding one particular invoice if required – it’s a process that can eat up valuable employee time.­­­
And if an invoice is missing? The process starts all over again.

How APS Works: Fast-Tracking Supplier Invoice Processing
SmartOffice APS takes the heartache out of Accounts Payable Processing. This intelligent, secure, web-based solution – fully integrated with Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions and Sage 200 Professional from DB Computer Solutions – replaces manual workflows with intelligent automation. 

With SmartOffice APS:


Step One: Email

Suppliers email invoices and statements to a secure web portal, tailored to individual user requirements

SmartOffice Accounts Payable

Step Two: Data Capture

The Automated system grabs each document, capturing critical data including supplier name, invoice number, name of goods, product costs, cost of goods, and similar. The system matches PO’s to GRN’s, and then…
SmartOffice Accounts Payable

Step Three: Approval

The APS solution forwards the digitized invoice to the appropriate person within the user’s organization for approval
SmartOffice Accounts Payable

Step Four: Data Migration

All data is migrated to the user’s accounting system for financial requirements
While at the Same Time….
  • Invoices are reconciled with statements to ensure accuracy, notifying users of any missing invoices
  • Suppliers can re-submit missing invoices to the web portal rather than incurring additional printing, handling and postage costs
  • Simultaneously, the APS solution compares historical or agreed supplier pricing ‘on-the-fly’, red-flagging any line-item discrepancies and notifying the user for possible follow-up and query
  • All supplier documents are stored in the APS solution for 7 years. Easy-to-use Search functionalities enables users to quickly find specific supplier invoices and related documents

The Benefits of SmartOffice Automated Accounts Payable

  • Time savings – save Up to 90 percent of the time it takes to process supplier invoices compared to manual methods
  • Cost Savings – reduce accounts payable workflow costs by up to 85 percent
  • Increase accuracy – through automatic statement reconciliation and by eliminating rekeying of data into accounting systems
  • Drive efficiency and productivity – by reducing the time spent managing accounts payable
  • Eliminate paperwork – and related invoice storage costs
  • 24/7/365 access – to supplier documents from anywhere, at anytime
  • Fully secure – web portal means only authorized personnel can gain access
  • Complies with accounts payable best practice
  • Fast ROI – SmartOffice APS pays for itself in record time

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