The Critical Importance of IT Support During a Pandemic

IT Support Services

happyfox, a provider of help desk support software, recently published an article which highlighted the many challenges IT users face during the continuing COVID crisis. Many companies depend almost entirely on hardware systems and critical applications to service existing and new customers. Essential services depend on IT systems to keep manufacturing, distribution, and scheduling activities alive and operating.

Additionally, because many employees are working remotely, companies must provide additional network connectivity, remote end-user support, and collaboration software. However, remote strategies mean that users not only demand more IT support skillsets, but also require constant monitoring due to the increased risk of Malware and similar invasive obstacles.

For all of these reasons, business owners and managers can’t afford the luxury of I.T. downtime. To ensure high availability, happyfox recommends a number of steps including the establishment of a crisis response team; preparation for diminished quality of service and/or interruptions; planning for limited or zero access to data centres in the event of a quarantine; provision business teams with secure remote collaboration tools; the automation of repetitive business processes; increased hardware and network security, and similar measures.

Too often, however, businesses may not have the time or resources to expedite these critical steps.

IT Support from DB Computer Solutions for Peace of Mind

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