URGENT NOTICE: Ransomware Attacks on the Increase



Ransomware attacks have significantly increased across Ireland and globally, causing damaging disruptions to business. Due to the increased speed of criminal malware migration across the internet, with more devices attached, the risk to Irish businesses grows even greater.

Minimize Your Risk from Ransomware and Other Malicious Attacks with this Simple Guide

To minimize the possibility of attack, and subsequent risk to your I.T. Assets (including vital data and applications) we urge Irish businesses to follow this simple checklist:

Ø  Firewall and Security Software

This a must have. Hardware and critical applications need to be current. Up-to-date security suite software must reside on all Internet-connected hardware boxes. Make certain that software is patched with most recent security releases.

Ø  Mail Protection

E-mail breaches, where trojans are attached to incoming e-mails, are a common and very clever way to infect your network. A defence layer that scans all incoming mail must be deployed to stop intrusive attacks. Don’t release or open any e-mail you are not sure of.

Ø  Backups

To minimise data risk, companies are advised to use more than one backup method. Backup redundancies should include at least one backup location that is not physically connected to your server(s). Ransomware shrewdly seeks out attached backup locations and encrypts those also. Note that as well as on on-premise backups, companies should expedite offsite backups for increased data security.

Ø  Current PC Operating System

No PC should ever reside on your network that uses end-of-life or out-of-support operating systems. MAKE A NOTE: Windows 7 will come to end-of-life on Jan 14, 2020. After that date, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 with security patches – meaning IT infrastructure for those still using Windows 7 after that date will be at high risk. We advise you to plan your migration to newer, fully-supported operating systems now.

Ø  Anti-Virus Software

All PCs and servers should have up to date anti-virus software. We suggest a complete audit of all PCs and servers to make certain anti-virus software is current.

If you are unclear of any of this or worried you may not have these basics in place please feel free to contact us and ask. We’re here to help mitigate the potential damage caused by Ransomware and similar malicious attacks.

DB Computer Solutions offers a wide range of capabilities to help defend your I.T. assets against malicious intrusion including Backup, Data Protection, and Disaster Recovery and DB Computer Solutions I.T. Managed Services.

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