Use Sage CRM to get the most out of your “Contact Us” Screen

Having a web page for your business now seems second nature.

Indeed, it’s difficult to believe a business can thrive or exist without one.

It’s even harder to believe paying out for a website and not driving revenue from it.

I’m not writing this to sell you the wonders of Social Media. There are plenty of blogs out there to help you with that. What some companies neglect to capitalise on is making sure they’ve captured information and it is then being handled correctly.

Normally the procedure is that you receive an email from your and then it’s up to you or your staff to follow up.

But what happens when you’re busy?

What happens if you get a lot of emails on any one day?

More importantly, what happens if you don’t follow up in say, 24 hours?

Working with Sage CRM, you can link your Contact US screen directly to populate a record in your leads. What’s the difference between this and having it pile up in your email, I hear you say? Well, by using SageCRM you can tap into it’s in-built workflow, which can manage all your enquiries and escalate what happens next based on your own criteria.

For example, when the prospect types in their details on your website, the following occurs:

  • A Lead record is generated in SageCRM
  • An courtesy email is automatically sent back to the enquirer to thank them and inform them that a representative will be in touch shortly
  • Depending on the product/service around the enquiry, SageCRM will inform the relative staff member by email or SMS
  • Another e-mail is forwarded to a manager to inform them that the enquiry has come in and which representative it has been allocated to
  • If say for instance, the Lead has not been contacted, the following can occur:
    • A second email is sent to the potential customer apologizing for the delay and that their enquiry has been escalated in importance
    • Another mail is sent to your company’s representative to tell him to get his/her skates on
    • The manager is now informed and can now escalate the situation if needs be

All of the above, are out-of-the-box features of SageCRM. 

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This simple feature shows professionalism on your part and also makes your sales and marketing team, the engine of your business, more efficient.

Plus, if you think it through, aren’t there other fields you could add to your Contact Us screen which can help you fine tune it even more?

Additionally, our in-house team of developers at DB can then add customisations for the more progressive companies out there who are using On-premise versions of SageCRM and whom wish to facilitate industry driven complexities such as, say, being audited by a government body, and being able to submit the required information to the auditors with the click of a button.

As opposed to panicking over reams of paperwork as a deadline looms.

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There are many ways in which a CRM system can enhance your business. DB offer free consultancy to business owners who are looking for information on the features and benefits of investing in a software solution such as SageCRM.

For more information about SageCRM’s website integration, please call us on 061-480980 or email us at


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