Visionary User Friendly Efficiency with Sage CRM 2019 R1

Visionary User Friendly Efficiency with Sage CRM 2019 R1

With the announced release of Sage CRM 2019 R1, current users of older versions of Sage CRM may be unaware of the significant improvements that have taken place in the past few releases.

For some, the cloud-version of Sage CRM (, developed on the SalesForce One platform) was a step backward from the on-premise version. When Sage recently announced the withdrawal of service of the cloud-based product (Sage states hosting will end in August 2019) we suspect many cheered, however quietly.

Fortunately, however, Sage developers kept working away at the on-premise solution with a view to improve. In our opinion the results are impressive.

What’s In a UI

Today’s Sage CRM User Interface delivers a clean, efficient, modern look and feel. Required keystrokes have been reduced, increasing efficiency (and lowering frustration levels).

The new Calendar layout delivers crisp displays of tasks and appointments. And as importantly: the entire UI is logical, well engineered – and intuitive. Small to mid-sized businesses don’t have the time or human resource to employ a dedicated CRM manager. New versions of Sage CRM – including this latest 2019 R1 release – present a lesson in simplified self-management.

In short: new UI delivers the efficiencies and ease-of-use smaller and mid-sized enterprises look for in a CRM software package.

Rock Solid ERP Integration

Most Sage CRM users gravitate toward integrated Sage CRM / Sage Accounting systems because they desire the productivity and business insight such solutions deliver. Sage engineers have obviously spent thousands of hours exploring methods for solid integration.

Latest versions of Sage CRM integrate seamlessly with Sage accounting solutions. The entire package drives delivery of rock-solid ERP methods and workflows, which many businesses embrace as they search for new ways to increase competitive advantage and profits.

Consider the New Vision of Sage CRM

This latest version of Sage CRM sees any number of improvements including an even better Calendar, Document Drop, escalation rules (for enhanced escalation of end-customer issues and similar), enhanced Quick Find, and much more.

If you’re looking for a Rock Solid CRM solution that also delivers ERP functionalities (with full, well-engineered integration of Sage accounting systems), we hope you’ll take a look at Sage CRM 2019 R1:

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