What’s New with the Latest Version of Sage 200c

What’s New with the latest version of Sage 200c from DB Computer Solutions?

If you’re considering a back office accounting solutions to accelerate your enterprise’s growth, we hope you’ll look no further than Sage 200c from DB Computer Solutions.

Latest Version – New Features in Sage 200c:

Faster online payments with Stripe and PayPal

Sage Invoice Payments is a great way for your customers to pay you online, quickly and easily. Use Sage Invoice Payments to request and receive payments from your customers by using Stripe or PayPal. When your customer pays the invoice, the transactions can be downloaded and posted in Sage 200c.

  • Set up Sage Invoice Payments in Sage 200cand choose the payment providers that you’ll offer to your customers:

    • Stripe, to receive credit card and debit card payments.

    • PayPal, to receive PayPal payments.

  • Create and email an invoice to your customer using an Invoice Payments layout.

  • When your customer receives the email, they click a Pay Now button on the invoice, and make the payment using one of the payment providers you’ve set up.

  • Once the payment is received, Sage 200cwill download the transactions and automatically make postings.

Cross-selling items

You can use cross-selling items to help speed up entering a full sales order. Cross-selling items are complimentary items which are often sold together with another stock item. For example, if you sell a printer, you might want to show print cartridges or cables for that printer. Set up cross-selling items if you want to display and add these items when you enter a sales order.

Suggested and preferred items for customers

Suggested items can help you speed up entering a sales order, as you can quickly add items that the customer has previously bought from you. When you enter a full sales order, select Suggested items to see items that are specific to the customer.

Suggested items include:

  • The customer’s preferred items (you can think of these as ‘favourites’).
  • Items that the customer has recently ordered.
  • Items that the customer has frequently ordered, for example you can see items they’ve ordered at least 3 times in the last 6 months.

Customer alerts

You can set up alerts on a customer account, to show messages whenever you deal with that customer. For example, if a customer has specific requirements, you can set up a reminder message that will be displayed whenever you enter an order for that customer. Alerts are displayed when you select the customer account, and you can choose when to show the alert. For example, you can show alerts when entering invoices or credit notes, sales orders and returns, quotations and pro forma invoices, and for customer price enquiries.

Alerts are specific to an individual customer, and you can have multiple alerts for each customer.

Accelerate your Growth with Sage 200c

These are only some new features of the latest version of Hybrid-cloud powered Sage 200c.  With Sage 200c from DB Computer Solutions, your company can keep its edge. See how: https://www.dbcomp.ie/products/accounting-software/sage-200-extra

For more information contact us:

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