Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, & Small Business Server 2011 are End of Life

Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, & Small Business Server 2011 are
End of Life.  The prospects could be as frightening as your worst nightmare.

If you haven’t been paying attention, now hear this: a handful of critical Microsoft products – servers, operating systems, and applications your business could depend upon for vital functions – have already, or will very soon, come to End of Life.

These include:

MS Office Products

Office 2010 – 13 Oct 2020

MS Windows

Windows 7 – 14 Jan 2020

MS Windows Server

Windows Server 2008 – 14 Jan 2020

Windows Server 2008 R2 – 14 Jan 2020
Small Business Server 2011 – 14 Jan 2020

MS Exchange Server

Exchange Server 2010 – 14 Jan 2020

What does this mean?

Microsoft will no longer provide support. This includes:

  • No further patches or updates
  • No compliance – your organisation will no longer meet many industry-wide compliance standards and regulations
  • Cyber Security – the grim reaper could strike

Grim Reapers Could Reap Rewards from Your Business’s Vulnerabilities

Without patches or updates from Microsoft, infrastructure relying on the above solutions are vulnerable to attack. Your business could be held captive by Ransomware criminals who hold your systems captive until thousands of euro in ransom is paid in full. Data that your operating systems rely on could be kidnapped or shredded. Customer details, your banking details, your financials – all are in peril by the grim reapers who will extort the underlying vulnerabilities in your I.T. Systems.

Call the Experts to Thwart the Grim Reaper

DB Computer Solutions, one of Ireland’s most experienced I.T experts, provides a complete range of backup, restore, and disaster recovery services, to help thwart the Grim Reapers preying on your I.T. vulnerabilities.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services from DB Computer Solutions, and I.T. Support Services from DB Computer Solutions, work to make certain that all systems are up-to-date, and resilient, in a world haunted by criminals. Data backup and recovery ensures that your most valuable data assets are safe no matter if – or when – criminals strike.

For more information, contact us:       061 480980

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