Choosing the right hardware is critical for operating success. Computer capabilities must provide necessary I/O to support applications and data with low latencies. Storage must support existing application and data requirements and provide the flexible scalability to grow as customers’ needs grow. Routers and switches must quickly speed transmission of data without bottlenecks across the network – and beyond.

All hardware must also be specified to precisely meet customer requirements and financial resources.

If you require HARDWARE from DB Computer Solutions you might also consider our IT MANAGED SERVICES.

DB Computer Solutions uses a variety of innovative, proven technologies to meet specific requirements. HP, Dell, Cisco, Sonicwall and related Server, Storage, and Networking technologies are integrated to deliver seamless solutions to ensure high availability and performance, agility, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Components include:

  • Dedicated virtual and hosted servers
  • Workstations / PC’s / Monitors
  • Printers & Scanners / Multifunction
  • Managed Print Solutions
  • Laptops / Netbooks / Slates / Tablets / Handhelds
  • Network Operating Systems
  • Network Storage
  • Routers & Firewalls
  • Back Up and Disaster Recovery Hardware and Software
  • Un-Interruptible Power Supply
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions


Power When You Need It Protects Vital IT Systems


If you experienced a prolonged – or even short-term – power loss how will your IT systems react? In some cases you may only lose data. In other cases, power loss (and unanticipated power restore) can harm elements of your Infrastructure including servers, memory, data, and applications.

To protect your company from the unexpected, DB Computer Solutions recommends Smart-UPS™ Un-Interruptible Power Supplies from global leader APC.

Smart-UPS™ are trusted by millions of IT professionals throughout the world to protect equipment and critical data from costly interruptions by supplying reliable, network-grade power, reliably and efficiently. Available in a variety of forms, factors and classes (entry level, standard and extended run), APC manufactures a model for nearly every application and budget. Standard models are the most popular UPS in the world for business servers, storage and network devices and have long been considered the benchmark for reliability and manageability. Entry level Smart-UPS models are an economical choice for small- and medium-sized businesses looking to protect small networking devices, point-of-sale (POS) equipment, and entry level servers.

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The Process

Future-Proofing with Design

DB Computer Solutions Network consultants analyse customer requirements to fully understand workflows and business needs. Effective road-mapping and design also future-proofs customers’ investments because we design solutions to meet not only today’s needs but also future requirements.

Installation, Set-up and Data Migration

Following approval, DB Computer Solutions Engineers work quickly to deliver, install, and set-up customers’ network solutions. Existing data and applications are migrated from older systems to the new solution and appropriately configured, if required. Onsite system testing ensures trouble-free performance.

DB Computer Solutions engineers network all LAN and WAN systems, setup stand-alone systems, test compute, memory and storage, and fit and configure peripherals for both smaller and large-scale solutions.

Integration with Existing Network Systems

DB Computer Solutions also work closely with customers to integrate new hardware into existing systems and networks.


DB Computer Solutions knows that our customers must get the most out of any IT investment to increase productivity, agility, and customer service levels. Our team of Trainers and Support Staff work both at our customer’s premises, or provide off-site telephone training and help-desk support, to ensure that customer staff can fully utilise their new network.

Upgrading and Scaling Out to Extend Your Investment

Technology changes quickly and can provide our customers with even more opportunities. DB Computer Solutions recommends the very latest upgrades and scale-out technologies, including memory, storage, and compute I/O. Upgrading and scaling out extends the life of our customers’ IT systems investment and maximises performance.

Free Onsite Audit

For a Free Onsite Audit of your existing Infrastructure contact us now . DB Computer Solutions IT Audit enables us to understand your business requirements, determine if your existing systems meet those needs, and recommend solutions to help your business compete.