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 Sage 200 Professional Description

Perhaps your enterprise has outgrown its existing accounting system. Your company has implemented advanced processes, or is now operating in a multi-company environment. Or you lack the power to expedite sophisticated stock control. Whatever the reason, you’re looking for more horsepower; more functionality; more control over supply chains, reporting, business intelligence and more.

Sage 200 Professional from DB Computer Solutions gives you the firepower you require to manage a growing enterprise.

Ideal for growing manufacturing, engineering, distribution, R&D, service companies, and those who demand the benefits of ERP functionalities, the Sage 200cloud sophisticated SQL database, together with Hybrid-cloud-powered capabilities, enables users to collaborate in real time across multiple departments and multiple companies.

See our Sage 200 flyer to learn how hybrid-cloud-power can give your enterprise more control.


Sage 200 Professional Benefits

  • Advanced SQL Database for more horsepower and higher performance
  • Easily Manage Multiple Companies
  • Microsoft Office 365 for Anywhere / Anytime Access, eliminating downtime and reaping the benefits of instant collaboration
  • Accurate Stock Management across departments and categories
  • All the standard accounting and compliance functionalities you require
  • Powerful Business Intelligence
  • A range of deep dive reporting for increased insight and control. Build and access powerful Excel reports on the go to boost productivity
  • Seamlessly integrate a wide range of applications to tailor your Sage 200 to precise requirements: Sage ManufacturingSage CRMSage BarcodeSage Payroll, and many more
  • GDPR compliant
  • Bill of Materials enables users to monitor, control, and cost manufacturing and related processes
  • Tax ready
  • Payment integration with GoCardless speeds debtor payments and cashflow
  • Future-proofed with continual new releases, Sage 200 grows with your business, increasing visibility over your operations
  • Eliminate unnecessary re-keying for bank information. Connect directly to your bank accounts for accurate bank reconciliation

Perfect for Enterprises

  • 10 employees or more
  • Up to 50 users
  • Handle hundreds of thousands of transactions
  • Manage multiple cost centres
  • Three-Tiered accounting system covering all standard accounting requirements: nominals, sales,  purchases, cash book ledgers, reporting and compliance
  • Easily add additional users and modules

Sage 200cloud Modules

  • Financials
  • Commercials
  • Project Accounting
  • Web Time And Expenses
  • BOM


Sage 200 Financials manages the day-to-day running of your business, providing control and management reporting, helping you to control costs and processes while you concentrate on driving the business forward. Its swift delivery of up-to-the-minute information facilitates tracking and analysis of data, and guarantees you peace of mind as you make the most crucial strategic business decisions. Sage 200 Financials is divided into four key modules, together encompassing the complete financial solution:

Nominal Ledger, Cash Book, Sales Ledger, and Purchase Ledger

Nominal Ledger is a flexible tool that will help you forensically drill down into your finances, with access to profit-and-loss and balance sheets across single cost centres or departments. It will also speed up repetitive tasks, and facilitate trading in up to 100 different currencies.

Cash Book controls all of your bank, investment and cash accounts, with multi-currency processing, links to on-line banking services, and the capacity to configure standing orders and direct debits. It provides instant detailed status reports on the liquidity of all your bank accounts, right down to the transaction level. Inter-account transfers and dealing in foreign currency are no problem with the Sage 200 Cash Book, which give you complete flexibility and control.

With Sales Ledger, you have total control of customer management, across up to 100 currencies. Sales Ledger allows for the simultaneous processing of a number of tasks, and the possibility of human error is minimised with a colour-coded visual alert system designed to ensure accuracy. A powerful report writing tool, with a host of standard reports provided, Sales Ledger enables you to easily customise reports, or create brand new ones that will suit specific needs.

Purchase Ledger offers accelerated data entry with numerous defaults that can be specified to suit your needs, as well as single-click retrieval, as well as comparison and analysis of relevant information. It gives you total control of supplier management, across up to 100 different currencies. This module can also automate payments to suppliers, electronically, or by cheque with a printed remittance advice, and inform you of those that qualify for early settlement discounts. Like the Sales Ledger, the Purchase Ledger module has automatic error correction that reverses incorrectly entered data and updates the audit trail.

Sage 200 Extra Commercials

This module, another key component of the Sage 200 system, complements Financials with modules in Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control and Price Book. Commercials helps to maintain customer loyalty and ensure customer satisfaction by ensuring faster response times to product and pricing demands. With its capacity for effective stock management and automated delivery of customer orders, Commercials gives you complete control over the supply chain.

With Sales Order Processing you can control all aspects of the sales order process, including provision of quotations, processing orders, ensuring stock availability, dispatching goods, and creating invoices. As part of the work flow, all associated documentation (invoices, delivery notes, acknowledgements, and similar) is created automatically. Simplifying the sales order process, Sales Order Processing integrates with the other Commercial modules to work in foreign currencies.

Purchase Order Processing simply and effectively manages the entire purchase order process, from creating an order to checking goods received. The module’s automated processes help to manage your supply chain and ensure the correct goods are ordered and paid for. Purchase Order Processing makes certain that stock and resources are available to support your company’s sales functions.

Stock Control provides full control and management of your stock levels and warehouse. Accountability is the key with Stock Control. The module allocates unique serial numbers, ensuring all stock can be accounted for, efficiently and securely. Stock Control also provides users with the ability to manage stock and warehouses across a number of locations. All in all, the entire business of stock control and warehouse management is made simple, ensuring your costs are kept to a minimum, and your customer satisfaction levels are maximised.

Price Book enables easy management of customer prices and discounts across your entire product range. Fully integrated with the other Sage 200 modules, and supporting discount and price band-based pricing, Price Book offers huge flexibility for businesses dealing in differing price structures. Complex pricing structures are made simple with Price Book, which allows for customisation, and also creates defaults for regular business processing.

Project Accounting links seamlessly with all other Sage 200 modules, for the ultimate in overall cost control, facilitating easy drill downs to any level, and analysis of any or all projects, delivering data on progress made, costs incurred, revenues received, budgets and profitability.

With projects varying according to customer needs, Project Accounting creates templates that reflect these variances, providing for accurate billing at particular milestones, either automatically or manually.

Web Time and Expenses module allows for remote entry into, and tracking of, timesheets and expense claims via a web browser, and facilitates users who will be operating on-line or on your premises.

BOM (Bill of Materials) is designed to follow the BOM process from beginning to end, breaking down the manufacturing operation into easily accessible areas including materials, labour, machines, and operations and reporting.

Flexible and easy to tailor to your needs, BOM has an intuitive operating system, and offers multiple views of BOM structures, providing enormous flexibility and optimising control. BOM also allows you to source and use multiple versions of a BOM, and minimises error by allowing only one person to edit or change a BOM at any one time, storing a full history of amendments for other users to refer to.

To Summarise

Sage 200 Professional from DB Computer Solutions offers proven accounting and management software for increased agility, efficiency, and productivity to growing enterprises.

DB Computer Solutions offers full support and training. Working with our enterprise customers, we roadmap, deploy, tailor, and train users in the transformational functionalities of this robust solution.

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