FREE WEBINAR: Reduce the Cost of Supplier Invoice Processing by 80%

Discover the benefits of SmartOffice Accounts Payable Solution on Thursday, July 21st at 12pm with our Webinar and Demo.

We’ll show you how to reduce the cost of supplier invoice processing by up to 80% in 3 easy steps, streamline workflows while automating your invoice process. 💪

You’ll hear from our host Howard Murphy along Paul Martin (who’ll guide you through and demo the Accounts Payable solution), and guest speaker Paul Finucane from Croom Concrete.

Watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/qrKEmXKI3no

Learn at Lunch webinar on ‘Why upgrade to Sage 200’

We would like to invite you to our Learn at Lunch webinar on ‘Why upgrade to Sage 200?’ Join us at 12pm for a 30 minute discussion on the why, what and how of upgrading to Sage 200. Sit back with a coffee, enjoy a quick and lively run through of Sage 200 and an interactive Q&A where you get to ask the questions you want, and once we say farewell – it’s time for lunch!

For more information, please visit https://www.dbcomp.ie/learn-at-lunch-webinar-on-why-upgrade-to-sage-200/

A Short but Special on-line ‘fireside chat’ event

We would like to invite you (along with all our Sage 50 clients) to a short but special on-line ‘fireside chat’ event.

Our colleague Mark Donaldson of Roveel (a Sage 50 add-on that powers comprehensive reporting and dashboards) and our client Alan Lynch, Financial Controller of The Woodlands House Hotel will be chatting over a coffee by the fire live at the hotel on March 3rd at 11am. Please join us for 20 minutes as Mark and Alan discuss the reasons why implementing Roveel into the hotel has been such a huge success.

For more information, please visit https://www.dbcomp.ie/a-short-but-special-on-line-fireside-chat-event/

A Lunchtime Webinar Invite from DB Computer Solutions

Accelerate Payments from Your Creditors with Credit Hound

Did you know that one third of payments to small businesses are late?

Late creditor payment continues to be a serious issue for many businesses, and we suspect it will grow worse in the coming months. Not only does it have a negative impact on cash flow, it can prevent business growth and takes up valuable time to chase moneys due. Credit control is a vital asset for any business. So, how can we help your business get paid faster?

Credit Hound is a powerful credit control software solution that helps chase late payments more effectively.

For more information, please visit https://www.dbcomp.ie/a-lunchtime-webinar-invite-from-db-computer-solutions/

For May 2021, our Lunchtime Webinar series delved deep into Sage CRM, and how integration with Sage 50c, Sage 200cloud Standard or Sage 200cloud Professional can automate the customer relationship process. The perfect link means you’ll never again overlook a prospective customer or the revenues they could generate.

Watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/lqd-MjJ3NP0

Sage 200cloud Standard: Agility Unleashed

The April 2021 Lunchtime Webinar saw us dive into Sage 200cloud Standard and the greater agility it offers with the latest version (see more about this new update: Sage 200cloud Standard 2021 R1). With a wider range of remote access via cloud technology, no additional license is required for more staff to access critical data.

Watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/7ID_wwWKEzY

Panintelligence for Sage

Our March DB Computer Solutions Lunchtime Webinar covered the deep insight provided by Panintelligence for Sage 50c and Panintelligence for Sage 200c. In this recording, see how the Business Intelligence driven by pi dashboards can enable you to create your own reports, spotting hidden trends that can help you meet the challenges ahead.

Watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/-gxHbDUU6DM

Barscan Webinar

In February, we dove in to the substantial benefits of Barscan from DB Computer Solutions. This inexpensive App, fully integrated with Sage 50/50c and Sage 200/200c, drives accurate stock control, enabling quick tracking of goods Inward and Outbound, while facilitating stock takes and similar stock-related activities.

If you couldn’t attend our Webinar, watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/OYSzx-43VdY.

Sage 200cloud Standard – a Fresh Start to 2021

We kicked off the new year with an exploration of the substantial benefits of Sage 200cloud Standard from DB Computer Solutions. The presentation explored the power of this fully-cloud-enabled solution and how it can help companies leap to a fresh start in 2021.

If you couldn’t attend, watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/jUPAXXIgTQg

For more information on Sage 200cloud from DB Computer Solutions, contact us:

061 480980   info@dbcomp.ie

Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions – Centralising Customer Data to Maximise Sales and Cashflow

In September 2020, our Learning Lunch Webinar focused on how centralizing customer data for easy access, combined with remote working, can help to maximise sales and cashflow. Sage CRM integrated with Sage 200 / 200c or Sage 50 / 50c, centralizes customer data for increased efficiency and productivity.

If you couldn’t attend our Webinar, contact us now. Howard from our team will organize a repeat of the webinar, just for you and your staff. He will also tailor the presentation to your business requirements.

To organize your own repeat of this webinar, contact Howard stating in the subject line: I’d like my own Sage CRM Webinar and email to info@dbcomp.ie. Alternatively, phone 061 480980 and ask for Howard.


July 2020 saw us talking with Zoe Young, Key Account Manager with Credit Hound. In this webinar, we learned how this powerful solution, integrated with Sage 50/50c or Sage 200/200c, automates credit control workflows for improved cash flow and productivity.

If you couldn’t attend, watch the recording here:


For more information on the benefits of Credit Hound, visit


Or contact us for more: info@dbcomp.ie  061 480980


In late June 2020, we had a fascinating discussion with Adrian Kelehan, founder of InShip, the online Accounts Payable platform.

If you couldn’t attend, watch the Recording to see how automating accounts payable processes can benefit your company:


For more information, go to https://www.dbcomp.ie/products/inship/ or contact us:

info@dbcomp.ie  061 480980

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