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Barscan for Sage 50/50c and Barscan for Sage 200 Professional...increasing stock control efficiency for your business

Do you use Sage 50/50c or Sage 200 Professional? Are you a manufacturer, distributor, or assembler? Do you spend too much time keeping tabs on your stock, trying to locate a hard-to-find part or product in your warehouse, or experience unacceptable stock-outs?

If so, we hope you’ll consider Barscan from DB Computer Solutions, the ultimate integrated Barcode Solution for Sage Accounting.

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    "During our use of Barscan from DB Computer Solutions, we have found the application brilliant. It’s easy to use, and a great way to keep track of Verde LED product batches that have been dispatched. It’s also an effective way to track past shipments: users can quickly find specific products and batches, particularly if you’re looking for a certain product you’ve sent out. Barscan automatically updates every few minutes, which is a brilliant feature because we put up new product codes every so often."

    "We recommend Barscan from DB Computer Solutions 100 percent to any other company.”

    Patrick McCarthy
    Verde LED

    With this state-of-the-art barcoding application, your business can:

    • Quickly create barcodes and apply them to individual products or product batches
    • Easily scan Goods Received or Goods Despatched
    • Seamlessly migrate data on-the-fly, in real time, to Sage 50, Sage 50c, Sage 200, or Sage 200c
    • Maintain accurate stock count and locations across an unlimited number of items
    • Minimise time spent for stock takes
    • Create invoices and pick lists instantly
    • Create Sales Order
    • Despatch Item on Sales order
    • Receive goods in from Sales Return
    • Stock Transfer
    • Transit stock
    • Stock transfer bin location on order priority
    • Explode Kits (takes components from kit and book into stock. Deplete kit from stock)
    • BOM 1st level BOM deplete components and books finished goods into stock
    • Increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy

    With Barscan for Sage, your business can take the headache out of stock control.  This inexpensive application also empowers your business to avoid expensive stock outs, while allowing you to serve your customers even better.

    For more information on Barscan from DB Computer Solutions, contact us: 061 480980,

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