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Things to be Aware of When Considering a CRM System

If this is your first time considering a CRM system, you most likely have a specific reason in doing so. The most common reasons are usually to do with gathering all contacts, communication and documents into one spot or linking up with your existing accounts package. While these are generally great reasons as to why…
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Are you experiencing the benefits of Sage 200 ERP?

At some point in a company’s evolution, there has to be a decision regarding the future direction of the business. At this point, IT infrastructure and business management software, it could be argued, would be high up on the agenda. So whether you have outgrown spreadsheets, your existing accounts package, or whether your business needs…
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Capitalising on Your Customer Data with Sage CRM

Many businesses, and for that matter, business owners, are still at a loss when the term ‘CRM’ comes up. For the most part, it is viewed as a database of your existing customers. Historically, contact details are held in either an access database, or most typically, on an Excel spreadsheet. However, what either of these…
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