DB Computer Solutions As Your IT Partner

Since 1992, DB Computer Solutions has been providing affordable IT products and services to businesses of all sizes.

From the beginning, our goal has been to help clients enhance, upgrade and innovate in a way that enables them to realise their business goals.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line IT solutions without over-extending your budget, we can be of assistance.

A look at some of our products

DB provide a full suite of hardware products to address the varied needs of a business; here’s a look at some:

Hardware : We use only proven technologies from top brands to develop solutions aligned to your pain-points and requirements. We leverage technologies – virtual and hosted servers, routers and firewalls, wireless solutions, laptops/tablets/PCs/workstations, network operating systems, printers and more – from reputed brands such as Dell, HP and SonicWall.

Cloud computing: If you want to upgrade your hardware or software without the high costs typically involved in the endeavour, transitioning your business to the cloud can help you stay technologically advanced without driving up expenditure. We can assist with various aspects and processes that accompany a quick and reliable move to the cloud.

Backup and disaster recovery: We offer a range of backup solutions that backup your sensitive data and virtual machines automatically and in real-time. Our disaster recovery solutions include automatic failover that moves applications on a standby server during an event to ensure uptime and continuity of business operations.

Security: We specialise in deploying network security technologies that provide a strong defense against existing and emerging threats to your network, systems and data. We put our extensive hardware and software knowledge to use in integrating technologies that are an ideal fit to your company’s digital environment.


A look at some of our services

DB offer a comprehensive range of IT solutions, from helping you frame technology strategies to integrating technology systems so you can accelerate your business progress from your IT investment.

Our managed IT services are delivered by skilled and seasoned engineers and project managers who have experience assisting with or leading projects across the globe.

As a winner of the Sage Business Partner of the Year award, we are highly proficient in the software and offer training services that have benefited clients in the following ways:

  • Increased process efficiencies
  • Increased employee motivation and job satisfaction
  • Increased innovation in products and strategies
  • Improved capacity to accept and adopt new technologies

Indeed, there are many ways in which the DB suite of plug-ins and add-ons for Sage software can enhance your overall business performance. We have cost effective solutions for business process improvement across varied vertical markets.

Think our products or services can be valuable in meeting your technology and business goals? Drop us a line today on info@dbcomp.ie or call our team on 061 480980


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