Improved warehouse management and much more offered by Sage 200

Sage 200Sage just pushed out one of the biggest updates for their products in the last 15 years.  The Sage 200 2015 is designed to help companies manage their entire business through a single platform that will handle their entire operational needs. Sage 200 2015 and Sage CRM 7.3 truly offer companies a fantastic software experience.

For a steady growth and expansion in a product business, managing the warehouse is of paramount importance. From barcoding of the products and the reporting of the stock, everything should be automated and properly managed. SAGE 200 is a complete software solution which is simple yet flexible to the requirements of your business. You are empowered to manage the customers and your finances in a more efficient manner and thus perform a more insightful business.

With SAGE 200, you are in a better position to exercise full control on your business and ensure that the different departments of the business are aware of each other. The visibility is enhanced which result in better productivity of each department, culminating to increased ROI.

The flexibility of SAGE 200 sets it apart from other ERP solutions as it can easily adapt to the requirements of different business, irrespective of the size and type. The businesses who have implemented it vouch for its efficiency and ability to handle the warehouse.

SAGE 200 2015: The key features

Sage 200

  • Integrated excel reporting.
  • Improved user experience and performance.
  • Integrated with Sage CRM 7.3 out of the box.
  • Even wider platform support, including Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and iOS8.
  • On Premise or on-line.

The best part of SAGE 200 is that it is a complete ERP package which is a

business-vide software. Implementing it, you get an ERP solution that handles finance, business logic as well as customer relationship management. You are able to have control on each and every system and all the data of your enterprise.

The sales, finance, marketing and manufacturing departments need to be aware of the stock of the products. For instance, a sales team cannot sell a product if the marketing team is not campaigning for it and the product is not in the stock. If the product is not in the stock, the manufacturing department needs to be aware of it so that it can manufacture or procure them. The finance team also must be aware of the manufacturing requirements so that, it can release the funds. SAGE 200 2015 will interlink all the departments by its software system so that the enterprise runs smoothly and with better insight.

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