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Well, summer is still here but blink and you missed it!

Despite the less than summery weather the elves are beavering away with the news that DB Computer Solutions are on the lookout for new livery design for the side of our pristine white vans. Not only are we promoting the image of the company through the new livery, but we are also making strides with our online presence, and blogging regularly with case studies, videos and updates on SAGE products and Sage Integrated solutions. So feel free to check out the website and our LinkedIn page and if there is anything of interest do get in touch with us.

Since 2015 saw new releases of Sage 200, Sage CRM and Sage 50, there is plenty to catch up on, and lots of potential information to share for companies looking to harness technology solutions to enhance profitability. ERP Solutions in particular, can be a minefield for businesses looking to move to the next level, and invest in business management software. However, Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) systems can also be beneficial to many aspects of an organisation and help to create efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain. With the right systems in place, executives can access the most up-to-date status updates, warehouse workers can better manage inventory and sales teams can keep their customers in the loop on their orders.

Companies that have an outdated ERP system won’t necessarily allow the workforce to access the most recent information, which can be problematic in today’s fast-paced business world. This is why it’s important to have an ERP solution with many strong attributes, including speed and agility. According to an article for Tech Page One, when organisations see decreasing ERP response times, employees seem to be at their most productive. Indeed when employees are able to work faster and more efficiently, it can lead to happier customers, but if ERP solutions are slowing down workers at all levels of the organisation, customer satisfaction can be more difficult.

Sage ERP

This is why it is important to continuously assess current systems, to ensure ERP software is driving productivity. Nearly 50%of business investments being made by the mid-market are aimed at ways to reduce costs. Through accurate, real-time information about daily operations, companies can make faster, smarter decisions which allow them to reduce operational costs.

Using ERP systems to their full potential brings many benefits to a business; increased speed being just one of them.

Studies on a number of businesses over a two-year period identified that companies who didn’t use ERP systems had no increase in profitability, while organisations that did, were able to increase their capital by 10% during the same period. Leveraging ERP systems also presents businesses with the chance to quicken the time it takes to make data-driven choices that affect the businesses future. Those using ERP saw a 21% decrease in time spent making decisions, while those without such solutions could only claim 4%.

July saw us not only start developmental work for clients looking to integrate with Sage, but also build on the existing work which we began with our new Sage 200 clients. And we look forward to working closely with them over the foreseeable future to ensure they have our expertise on hand to meet with a broad range of requirements, to help them ensure continued success.

So whether it’s Sage ERP, and batch control, traceability and BOM/Manufacturing are the key aspects to your business.

Or whether it’s Sage 50, and nominal ledger, invoicing, and purchasing are crucial elements. Or let’s say you are involved in service management and would like to deploy Sage CRM to track and integrate the work schedules and callouts directly with your invoicing.

There are many ways in which we can facilitate getting the most out of your current Sage package.

Watch this space for an information day regarding how we can help your business with an appraisal of tools and modules from our team, and how we have deployed solutions for companies to improve upon efficiencies, and facilitate them getting the most out of their Sage package.

If you have a need for a process improvement with your Sage 200, Sage 50 or Sage CRM packages, or would simply like more information on how to avail of high quality business support, by all means feel free to call us on 061 480980 or email info@dbcomp.ie

Last, but certainly not least, is the news that July saw the inauguration of the latest incarnation of the official DB Comp cycling team. Although it could be regarded as “one for the ladies”, with strapping blokes all kitted out in tight lycra, since Ireland’s new status as a gay marriage tolerant society, our lads can obviously be cheered on and supported by both genders! So look out for them whizzing past on the roads in Limerick, Cork and Dublin, and honk your horn if you think they look good (or if you just want to scare the bejaysus out of them). We hope you have a memorable summer and weather permitting, get the opportunity to head to the beach and sup on some cool ice-cream!

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