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Well, summer is finally here at long last and we eventually have some decent weather! Hopefully, there will be plenty of opportunities for BBQ’s, parties, ice-cream and late midsummer evenings …

At DB Computer Solutions we ensure that software should work the way that your business works, not the other way around.

Different organisations use Sage software in different ways. Not a right way or a wrong way, just differently. So whether it’s Sage 200, and batch control, traceability and BOM/Manufacturing are the key aspects to your business. Or whether it’s Sage 50, and nominal ledger, invoicing, and purchasing are crucial elements. Or let’s say you are involved in service management and would like to deploy Sage CRM to track and integrate the work schedules and callouts directly with your invoicing. There are many ways in which we can facilitate getting the most out of your current Sage package.

Standard ‘classroom’ training courses obviously won’t concentrate exclusively on topics important to the specific requirements of your company. For One-on-One focussed training in Sage we can make one of our team of experienced consultants available, and they can put together a training programme which can skip those subjects that you may already know or don’t need to know.

Sage200GraphicWatch this space for an information day regarding how we can help your business with an appraisal of tools and modules from our team, and how we have deployed solutions for companies to improve upon efficiencies, and facilitate them getting the most out of their Sage package.

June saw us begin work with another Sage 200 client. Based in Dublin and Cork, they are an exciting prospect and a strong win for the team at DB.

We look forward to working closely with them over the foreseeable future to ensure they have our expertise on hand to meet with a broad range of requirements, to help them ensure continued success.

“End of Life” for MS Server 2003 has still been on the agenda, for companies who haven’t switched yet to avoid any potential vulnerability to their network, and so we have been busy helping clients who are still using Windows Server 2003 software. As you are probably already aware, Microsoft will no longer support this beyond July 2015. If you are not sure what your server is running, or would like to get a system health check, do get in touch with one of our team at DB and we will organise for a consultancy with one of our in-house experts.

We mentioned in our May blog about how running a marathon is like your IT. In a very real sense, our very own Mike O’Callaghan’s experience in the Cork Marathon is very similar to managing your IT. His story echoed the sentiment that sometimes no matter how well prepared we are, there are still some things which are out of our control, and we just need to have the right people around us to support and help us.

He recounted thus : “BANG! And we were off. Two miles into the race, it began raining, but the wind wasn’t so bad as we were sheltered by the buildings, for the moment anyway.  As we headed out of Cork to the Jack Lynch tunnel and running under the Lee, that was special. We came out of the tunnel and into Mahon at 8 miles and it was then that the wind hit me.  I saw the 3hrs 30mins pacer a few minutes ahead of me, and I knew if I caught that group I could get help and shelter for a few miles.  At mile 11, I joined the group and I thought okay, stick with them ‘til mile 14, and you’ll be fine. I normally don’t work off pacers and groups, but believe me I reached out to this group and they got me to mile 17.

That’s when the WALL appeared.

I couldn’t get over it, so I had to let the 3:30 group go, and deal with the WALL myself, but all was not lost.  From mile 17 to mile 22 it was small steps and small goals. Get to that white van, get to that set of traffic lights, don’t look at the watch ‘til that bend. Small steps turned into big gains.

From mile 22 onwards then it was pulling support from the supporters. Each competitor’s name was attached to your race number so the supporters could encourage you by calling your name, and that means a lot.  These strangers quickly became my best friends, my coaches, my supporting team.  Hands clapping, hands with jellies, hands with oranges, all helping hands, hands that came out in the wind and rain, hands that pushed me towards the finish line, and they pushed me to that finish line, pushed me with a huge smile on my face and a huge sense of satisfaction, and over the line I crossed.

How does this fit in with my starting point? – Things go wrong, unexpectedly, but there is always a fix, and welcome the help of others, especially when those people are there to help you along whatever journey you take.

Thank you Cork for a magnificent run and a huge thank you to the Cork natives, yer a class bunch, I’ll be back next year for more of the same so remember my name, and maybe the sun will be out in the sunny south.”

So a hearty well done to Mike and all his fellow runners and supporters alike.

Do remember, if you have a need for a process improvement with your Sage 200, Sage 50 or Sage CRM packages, or would simply like more information on how to avail of high quality business support, by all means feel free to call us on 061 480980 or email info@dbcomp.ie

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