Porting in and out of Sage for your Billing, Admin, and Client data?

At DB we have developed a handy solution for companies looking to overcome the headaches caused by lack of integration. Indeed, our Integrated Service Management solution is specifically tailored to address the problems caused by having either no CRM (Customer relationship management) or one which doesn’t effectively talk to your accounts and finance package.

These headaches and problems may include not only mounting paperwork, and increased time demands on your business administration, but often the porting of data in and out of Sage to attach signature capture to invoices, or to input relevant data specific to your service to your clients, against a certain time or date. Or capture and attach business critical data from an onsite callout, scheduled service call, or unplanned responsive maintenance callout due to an emergency.

The work you do naturally prioritises over the paperwork, but without proper management, sometimes the paperwork after the actual service can have a detrimental effect on the business from a cashflow or business process perspective. Sometimes things can “fall between the cracks”.

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From speaking to business owners, we are aware that there are increased demands for paperless solutions. Not only can the manual import of data from docket books and paper systems be time consuming, boring and repetitive, but it can also lead to mistakes which might not be spotted until further down the billing cycle. Not only that, but the person keying in the data could potentially be better deployed in a more productive and profitable manner.

Additionally, we appreciate that companies may neither necessarily have the budget nor the requirement, for a full-scale ERP or fully integrated business management software solution, such as SAGE 200. Thus, we have developed a range of solutions for clients which function as add-ons or plug-ins for Sage 50, one of which is our Integrated Service Management module. Essentially, it is a customised version of Sage CRM, which allows for full management of your service cycle. In other words, it can manage how you deliver your service to your clients. It does what it says on the tin.

So if you are involved in for example, facilities management, security installations, repair and maintenance to heating, air conditioning or ventilation systems, servicing clients with callouts to maintain and service equipment or to track and schedule callouts to client facilities in industries as diverse as waste water treatment, coffee machines, boilers and chillers, and would like to have a look at the features and benefits of a system for tracking all your business critical data, we would love to show you how our system has helped other companies.

Operated via a handheld device such as an ipad or tablet, not only is this a flexible, easy to operate mobile utility, which suits busy companies, but also there is the facility to automate signature capture to sign off on jobs, which can be attached to invoices to speed up the billing process. Importantly, there is a tangible ROI here, that can be measured, meaning that for your company, we can not only deliver more efficiency, but also demonstrate how this solution will effectively pay for itself.

For more info feel free to contact our team on 061 480980 . If you would like a demonstration, we will organise to call out to you, or facilitate an online demo at a time which suits.

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