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Accelerating Sales and Invoicing Performance from the Field for Improved Productivity, Efficiency and Cash Flow

If your company relies on Field Sales teams to generate revenues while speeding customer service, and should they still use traditional systems to take and place orders such as manual order books, your business can experience a number of challenges:

  • Slow order taking – manual order books rely, of course, on paper and pen. Your field sales reps may work with customers often at a snail’s pace as  they fill in multiple copies with appropriate orders, an inefficient and time-consuming process that can also prove to be inaccurate.

  • Relying on memory – field sales reps are busy people. During a customer visit they may forget to remind important customers of special offers or volume discounts, or forget to take important recurring orders. Either way, your business may not maximise all available sales revenues.

  • Lost and illegible orders – manual paperwork can, of course, get lost. Or handwriting can be difficult to interpret. Lost or hard to read sales order paperwork can result in a failure to speed critical orders to your customers, resulting in lost customer confidence and goodwill. And diminished goodwill can open an opportunity for your competitors to fill the vacuum.

  • Lack of real time notifications – because your field sales reps are in the field for what could be a considerable amount of time, you may not be able to accurately communicate the very latest stock positions by line item or provide your reps with the very latest pricing or promotions. Lack of real time product accuracy can also negatively impact customer goodwill and sales.

  • Slow delivery, slower invoicing – manual order taking means orders can only be processed once paperwork is delivered to your office. Should your reps be held up in the field, order processing, delivery – and critical invoicing – can’t be expedited. This can once again negatively impact customer goodwill by slowing services, while also disrupting vital cash flow for your company

The Solution: Remote Rep for Sage 50 and Sage 200 from DB Computer Solutions

Remote Rep for Sage 50 and Sage 200 from DB Computer Solutions overcomes all the challenges listed above. As a remote cloud-enabled application, your field sales reps use a dependable, state-of-the-art handheld device and seamless order taking system to take orders in the field.

  • Easy to Use, Easy to Update – the Remote Rep application lists all available product lines as well as current prices and promotions. Easy to use by your Reps, it can be quickly updated at your head office, providing your field sales reps with the very latest product details, stock availability, pricing, and promotions

  • Speedy Order Taking – with Remote Rep, field sales reps efficiently take orders. Previous order histories by customer are instantly available to remind them of past purchases and ensure nothing is forgotten

  • Speeding Remote Order Processing – having taken the order, Remote Rep uses standard Internet Connectivity to deliver every order’s digital data to your head office for processing – at anytime / from anywhere

  • Full Sage 50 / Sage 50c / Sage 200 / Sage 200c Integration – the order is fully and instantly migrated to your Sage Accounting system for processing, delivering increased accuracy due to the digital nature of the communication and speeding the customer’s order request

  • Quick Customer Order Processing – because the customer order is quickly received by your company from your reps in the field, it can be speedily processed and despatched to the customer for increased goodwill

  • Accelerating Invoicing – quick order processing and delivery also means you can speed customer invoices to maximise cash flow and revenues

Other features of Remote Rep from DB Computers include:

Own logo branding, low cost set up, offline processing, and Apple and Android versions.

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