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Sage software has helped medium-sized and small businesses with world class business related techniques that have upgraded the quality of business efficiencies in various fields. Because of the success of Sage software, it has become the world’s number one business software. Sage has come up with a lot of Sage software versions, with some changes, amendments and progressions made in each one of them. Their long term commitment of asking businesses to invest in technologies and applications has made the small and medium-sized businesses compete and stand out in the rapidly growing business world. The new improved Sage 200 Manufacturing module is a comprehensive manufacturing solution.

Sage 200 manufacturing helps companies to control every stage of the manufacturing process from initial planning, sourcing materials and calculating costs, to tracking orders and collecting payments. By the use of the manufacturing module of the SAGE 200, businesses can even estimate their cost of production of a particular product. These estimates can be furthermore converted into sales or work orders.

Simplify your manufacturing process – Make it easy and tension free

Sage 200 manufacturing

Sage 200 manufacturing is an exceptional manufacturing software solution for the manufacturing enterprise that enables and helps you to easily manage the entire supply chain in detail, effectively and easily with new advanced techniques and information provided by the software guiding you throughout your manufacturing or production process, and giving you a whole set of information related to every aspect, helping you throughout. Along with the assistance and guidance of the software as to how to perform a specific task, the software allows you to maintain a good range of productivity and customer satisfaction which would help you grow business profitability and success.

This software is an ideal software for budding manufacturing businesses as it can assist you and allow you to control the various manufacturing stages whose efficiency is essential for a good working of the manufacturing process. These stages would be seen as master production scheduling, bill of materials, estimating, production planning, work order processing, operation times and product traceability.

The master production scheduling function smoothly and effectively controls the production planning, works on order processing and resource management, and has full traceability interwoven throughout for the tracking of materials.

Advantages of Sage 200 Manufacturing

The software helps companies to optimise their production process and that in turn leads to faster manufacturing of the products. Sage 200 has a lot of benefits in the pocket just like other Sage software solutions. Some of them are:

  • It estimates the cost of production of a particular good by going deep down into the details at each stage of the production process
  • It assigns some serial numbers to track which customers receive them for full traceability.
  • The software allows us to calculate the cost of manufacturing with the help of some production templates which saves time.
  • Gives a full detail of stock forecasting in order to ensure whether all the required items are present in the stock.

Check out the case study on Sage 200 for our Limerick-based client Multiflow Manufacturing here;

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