Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions

Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions

Use-Case Study: Speeding Stock Availability

If lost – or unavailable – stock in your business is causing efficiency issues, consider
Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions.

This use-case study points out the substantial benefits of this solution:

Speeding Stock Data for Increased Manufacturing & Distributing Efficiency 

The Challenge:

A busy Cork-based business was having issues with existing stock management processes and systems. The company is both a manufacturer and distributor of business-to-business products.

  • Speed of order picking was too slow – warehouse personnel were given manual pick lists. Often they could not quickly locate stock within the warehouse to fulfil urgent orders; and…

  • Missing Pick Lists – occasionally, pick lists went missing. This meant that orders may not be fulfilled or fulfilled too late, undermining valuable customer goodwill; and…

  • Slow Fulfilment of Manufacturing Orders – sometimes manufacturing orders could be held up due to out-of-stock parts. The Work-in-Progress would be held up until the part was delivered. However, when the part arrived at the warehouse, the manufacturing team would not be immediately informed of the part’s availability, further slowing manufacturing order completion; and…

  • Slow Fulfilment of Distributed Goods Orders – the business also takes orders for fully completed goods it distributes to end customers. If an order takes place for an item that is out of stock, the customer must wait until the item is delivered. However, goods delivered to the business’s warehouse could be left unfulfilled due to human error: the delivery docket could be misplaced, which meant the item’s availability was not immediately known to back-office personnel. For that reason, fulfilment of the order could be slowed even further.

The Solution:

The business deployed Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions. Sage Barcode is fully integrated with Sage 50 Accounting Software (or alternatively Sage 200). Warehouse personnel are now armed with handheld scanners for instant data transmission to back-office personnel and their accounting / fulfilment system:

    • Fulfilment– fulfilment staff consults a large plasma display located in the warehouse. As orders come into the back-office and are inputted to Sage 50, the accounting system displays all orders onto the plasma screen.

Sage Barcode provides personnel with all items’ exact location in the warehouse. As items are picked, personnel scan relevant item barcodes which are communicated in real-time back to Sage 50. The system automatically deducts fulfilled items from total stock numbers, and notes its fulfilment status. Fulfilment speed, efficiency and productivity are maximised.

  • Manufacturing Order Completion – when a part is received into the warehouse it is scanned by warehouse personnel. The data is automatically transmitted to Sage 50. If that part has been assigned to a particular manufacturing order, the manufacturing team knows instantly that the part is now available. They can expedite product completion and finish the order.

  • Distributed Goods Order Completion – similarly, if an out-of-stock item is received which has been previously ordered, the item is matched to the particular Purchase Order and fulfilled, speeding order completion.

With Sage Barcode, innovative Manufacturing and Distributed Goods process management increases efficiency and productivity, while maximising customer service levels.

If your business wants to increase stock management efficiency and control, why not contact us for more information on Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions.

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