Sage Intelligence for Sage 50c

Sage Intelligence for Sage 50c

Remote Financial Analysis at Your Fingertips

Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions has been designed by Sage using the very latest hybrid-cloud technology. By installing Sage 50c integrated with Microsoft Office 365, you can migrate data to Microsoft Excel for anytime / anywhere financial information access and analysis.

Revolutionary Secure Access

Users of Sage 50c with multiple licenses can assign secure access to any authorised person – your staff or accountant, for example. This enables your important financial team to develop deep insight into critical operating data: sales, cost of sales, overheads and similar.

And, it drives collaboration among team members for increased, timely productivity and effectiveness.

Because Sage 50c and Intelligence for Sage 50c are hybrid-cloud based, your team can review and analyse vital data no matter where they are.

What’s more, the flexibility and agility of Sage 50c Intelligence provides you with the tools to make decisions even when important team members aren’t in the office – enabling faster response to ever-changing business circumstances.

With Sage 50c Intelligence, you can view financial reports from laptops, tablets or smartphones. Build powerful reports with the simple drag and drop designer or use one of the smart templates.

Intelligence from Sage 50c is a powerful feature that can lead to increased profitability and competitive advantage. Click here for more information on the revolutionary power of Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions. Or contact us now:

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