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Things to be Aware of When Considering a CRM System

If this is your first time considering a CRM system, you most likely have a specific reason in doing so. The most common reasons are usually to do with gathering all contacts, communication and documents into one spot or linking up with your existing accounts package. While these are generally great reasons as to why…
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Overcoming the limitations of Spreadsheets with Sage CRM

Regardless of the size of your company, there is almost always a requirement for spreadsheets. Indeed, business people use spreadsheets for various reasons: Accounts, Contact Management, Production Management, Sales Pipeline , even Bill of Materials and to some level, even job costing. And so we can stand over the claim that spreadsheets are universally handy, flexible,…
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“Deal with the Real” – Authenticity in IT Services to SME’s

Aside from the usual pitfalls, hazards and daily struggles of being an Irish SME, here at DB Computers we have a proven track record of helping when it comes to advising small to medium size enterprises. In fact, at least twenty years’ experience. Particularly when lending our expertise when it comes to implementing and deploying technology solutions.…
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