Transformational Sage 50c Empowers Businesses with Substantial Efficiency and Productivity Increases


Transformational Sage 50c Empowers Businesses with
Substantial Efficiency and Productivity Increases

Agility and Flexibility. These are two definitive aspirations most businesses require to survive in an ever-changing, always more competitive business world. Agility and flexibility enable organisational managers and staff to react quickly to new demands or restrictions – be that in the marketplace or internally – and allocate resources to meet those challenges.

Revolutionary Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions contributes to agility and flexibility objectives with a series of innovative benefits:

  • Anywhere / Anytime Data at Managers’ Fingertips – powered by hybrid-cloud technologies and  MS Office 365, Sage 50c facilitates remote access to critical financial and accounting data. Managers and authorised staff (including your accountant) can monitor vital datasets no matter where business takes them.

  • Accounting Made Simple – authorised accountants have instant access to data held within the secure Sage 50c cloud. Completing accounts, compliance, and related activities no longer requires physical data transfer. Instead, accountants make changes right to centralised Sage 50c accounts.

  • In-built Data Protection – data saved in users’ Sage 50c accounts is protected with backup workflows to the secure hybrid-cloud environment. Sage 50c and its infrastructure minimises data security risk by protecting against attack from global malware and DDoS criminal activity.

  • Quickly and easily scales to match business’s growing needs.

  • Easy to use – significantly increases user efficiency and productivity and drives lower overheads for increased profitability.

  • Seamlessly integrates with a wide range of other applications to migrate data, helping to accelerate customer-facing and internal workflow (see information on Remote Rep for Sage 50c and Barcode for Sage 50c). Application integration can significantly increase competitive advantage.

Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions delivers the agility and flexibility businesses require to increase competitiveness in 2018 and well beyond.

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