Automating Customer Relationships with Sage CRM


When: Noon, 27 May 2021

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Did you know that integrating Sage CRM with Sage Accounts drives seamless, centralised customer management control? We all realise that in these challenging times, businesses can’t afford to lose even one customer. Yet manual tracking and record keeping systems (think Excel) can misplace or hide critical customer communications, resulting in lost opportunities.

Learn How Sage CRM Automation Drives Centralised Customer Management Control

Sage CRM, integrated with Sage 50c, Sage 200cloud Standard, or Sage 200cloud Professional overcomes these challenges with seamless automation. In our 30-minute Lunchtime Webinar, learn how Sage CRM:

  • Tracks and forwards queries from your Website (or email), reminding you to follow up with a response
  • Automatically creates a new customer record when you respond with a quotation, helping your business to track your entire sales pipeline
  • Automatically migrates customer and sales data to Sage Accounts for invoicing and related financials upon a customer’s purchase
  • Centralises customer management with a single dashboard, delivering a centralized graphical overview of tasks, follow-ups, values of sales prospects, closed sales, SLA performance, and similar
  • Removes closed silos of customer information often held in personal Excel spreadsheets, laptops or PCs, for centralized safe-keeping and access
  • Supports remote working with always on, always available browser-based access

And much more. By automating the customer pipeline, users of integrated Sage CRM can access a holistic view of customer-related workflows and insights via a single centralized location.

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The Webinar starts at Noon, 27 May, 2021. We invite you to sit back with a cup of coffee and ease yourself into lunch. If we can answer any questions please contact us: 061 480980,

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Automating Customer Relationships with Sage CRM
When: Noon, 27 May 2021

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