Barcode for Sage from DB Computer Solutions

Barcode for Sage from DB Computer Solutions …because accurate inventory tracking has never been so critical

The current business climate is unprecedented. Due to global challenges, many supply chains are creaking at their seams. Which means that orders must be placed early, keeping in mind possible delays to delivery.

But inventory managers can only place timely orders if they are fully aware of current stock on hand.

Barcode for Sage from DB Computer Solutions delivers the accurate levels of stock tracking and tracing necessary for the times with live in.

Demonstrated and Installed Remotely

This best-practice software, fully integrated with the Sage 50 and Sage 200 family of accounting systems, is fully demonstrated – and installed – remotely, thereby complying with government social distancing directives.

Benefits include:

• Maintain accurate stock counts, and their precise locations, across an unlimited number of items.

• Track items from receipt in the warehouse environment, through assembly or production, and picking & despatch.

• Quickly create barcodes and apply them to individual products or product batches.

• Scan Goods Received and Goods Despatched using hand-held scanners.

• Gain accurate stock information so you never run out of critical inventory.

For the complete list of benefits, go to Barcode for Sage from DB Computer Solutions. Or contact us now for a remote demonstration. 061 480 980

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