End of Support Reminder for Sage 200 v 2016

Sage PLC have set the date of 01/10/2020 as the end date for updates and support of Sage 200 2016.  If you use Sage 200, and to find your version, open your Sage 200 application, click on the Cog Icon in the top right corner of the screen, and then About Sage 200.  See your version. 11.00.0001, 11.00.0002 or 11.00.003 identify Sage 200 2016 versions.  If the first number is less than 11 then your version is already end of life.

End of Life? What Does it Mean?

So, end of life, it all sounds a bit dramatic. But what does it actually mean?  Will your software stop working?  No, everything will stay working as it does now.  It just means that Sage can focus their support on approximately 3 versions, rather than more.  If you want the latest version, the updated software is included in your license, but there is a cost as we will need time to manage your software upgrade.

There is rarely a ‘must have’ feature where we would advise you to upgrade immediately. We do feel that every 3 or 4 years, as you are probably doing with the IT hardware, is a good balance for supported software versions and added functionality.  Even if you don’t want to upgrade now, it is always a good idea to budget for a future one.

Web-Enabled Version Coming Soon

We would also like to mention that the new version which will be out next year is a Web enabled version. This means that you will only need to open a webpage from one of the supported browsers to access Sage 200, as you may already do if you use Sage CRM or other applications.

Remote access, while needing to be secured properly, will be a much simpler option. Improvements have been made to the hosting side of things too, allowing the server your software runs on to be located in more locations, meaning that you may not need a server in your office.

For more information, or if you would like to upgrade to the most recent Sage 200 version, contact us:

info@dbcomp.ie               061 480980

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