Did You Miss Our Sage CRM Webinar?

Did You Miss Our Sage CRM Webinar?
We’ll Organize a Repeat Just for You!

In September 2020, our Learning Lunch Webinar focused on how centralizing customer data for easy access, combined with remote working, can help to maximise sales and cashflow. Sage CRM integrated with Sage 200 / 200c or Sage 50 / 50c, centralizes customer data for increased efficiency and productivity.

If you couldn’t attend our Webinar, contact us now. Howard from our team will organize a repeat of the webinar, just for you and your staff. He will also tailor the presentation to your business requirements.

To organize your own repeat of this webinar, contact Howard stating in the subject line: ‘I’d like my own Sage CRM Webinar’ and email to info@dbcomp.ie. Alternatively, phone 061 480980 and ask for Howard.

Or Click here for more information on Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions.

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  1. How does the integration of Sage CRM with Sage 200 / 200c or Sage 50 / 50c enable the centralization of customer data, and what specific features or tools does it offer to enhance efficiency and productivity for businesses, particularly in the context of remote working? Can you provide some examples of how this centralized customer data contributes to maximizing sales and improving cashflow?

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