Ensuring Network Security includes Printers!

DB don’t just deliver business critical support, our clients also want Peace of Mind

With the recent spate of Ransomware attacks the issue of security has never been more prominent.

Everyone has heard of the buzz-word Cybercrime, and more often than not you will know someone who has been affected by cybercrime, but how many people are aware that network security applies as much to printers, as other devices?

For example, the common perception is that cybercrime may occur through email and your PC / notebook / phone, but there is another common threat to your business, and that is the threat of your networked printer being attacked.

“Less than 20% of respondents perceive their printers to be at moderate or high risk for security breaches”

Spiceworks Voice of IT Survey, conducted on behalf of HP

This is a question that you may need to ask yourself, are your printers open to attack from hackers?

“An unsecured multi-function printer is a prime target for hacking into the enterprise”

Angela Boyd, IDC Analyst Connection

hp printer2

“Printers at 12 Colleges Spew Hate Fliers in Suspected Hack

[A known hacker] told The Washington Times he was behind the breach, using a freely available tool to scour “basically … the whole English-speaking Internet” for vulnerable devices that could be remotely accessed.

He claims to have within minutes identified roughly 29,000 printers that were connected to the Internet and could be exploited through an open port, then automated a procedure that asked each vulnerable machine to print a [“hate” flyer].

The flyers were discovered this week at Princeton University, Northeastern University, UMass Amherst, Smith College, Mt. Holyoke, University of California at Berkley and Depaulia.”

Andrew Blake, The Washington Times, Friday, March 25, 2016

hp printer1

DB are a business partner of tech company Hewlett Packard.

HP offers a free assessment of HP printer securities through a HP Security Print Analysis Tool.

“We need to ensure that all pathways into your business is secured as much as possible to deter any hackers wanting to get in.”

HP has the solutions and the hardware that can help us all to keep our devices, data and documents secured, and with the HP Security Print Analysis Tool it is another measure for peace of mind.

With this tool we at DB Computers can go through a number of recommended actions in conjunction with HP to ensure that your printers are blocked off from the hackers of this world. For enquiries on this issue, or relating to IT support services in general, call us on 061 480980 or email info@dbcomp.ie


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