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"I have found InShip to be invaluable as I was spending 2.5 days a week matching PO’s, GRN’s, Invoices. Now it is taking me perhaps 4 hours a week and we are still in implementation phase so I expect even greater time and monetary savings as time goes on."

"It is also excellent from a controls perspective as you can set a workflow for the approval process, allowing you to still keep control of what is being approved and ensuring the correct staff are accountable for the PO’s they generate. I find it already putting manners on both inhouse staff and supplier’s as the system will let you know quickly that you have a non-match and I can reject/query invoices Immediately and avoid the “you should have notified us with 24hrs” excuse.”

"It is genuinely a game changer. It is also very user friendly. I have used AutoRec and other OCR software in my days in the accountancy firm but they were too cumbersome and not complete solutions, or they lacked drill down functionality. It would save Accountancy practices a fortune as an experienced bookkeeper is commanding 35k a year easily."

Catherine O'Regan
Financial Controller
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To illustrate the invaluable power of InShip, we’re holding a series of Free Online Demonstrations. To reserve your place, contact Carl:

InShip Webinar


In late June 2020, we had a fascinating discussion with Adrian Kelehan, founder of InShip, the online Accounts Payable platform.

If you couldn’t attend, watch the Recording to see how automating accounts payable processes can benefit your company:

InShip Description

Take the hassle out of invoice processing. Stop wasting time. InShip automates Accounts Payable processing to increase accuracy and efficiency.

InShip from DB Computer Solutions simplifies Accounts Payable invoice processing, resulting in significant savings in time, effort, and salaries. This automated inward processing system grabs invoices attached to supplier emails, analyses them, and feeds the relevant data into users’ existing accounts software for processing, approval and payment.

How it Works

  1. Integrate with your Sage Accounting Solutions – DB Computer Solutions systems engineers fully integrate InShip with your existing Sage 50c or Sage 200c accounting system. Integration enables InShip to migrate processed supplier invoice data to those solutions for inclusion in your company’s financials.

  2. Data Extraction

    Upon receiving an invoice via email from a new supplier, users instruct InShip what data you want to extract. After that, simply sit back while InShip automatically processes all future invoices and statements from that supplier.

  3. Approval

    Invoices are automatically forwarded for approval to authorised, specified company employees. This can be for all documents received from specific suppliers, or only documents limited to a specified total amount. Documents exceeding invoice thresholds are sent to employees with higher-value approval privileges, as determined by your company.

  4. Search and Storage

    Eliminate the need for stuffed, bulky filing cabinets. Documents remain securely accessible through our powerful storage and search capabilities, from anywhere in the world, for up to 7 years.

  5. Statement Reconciliation

    Supplier statements are automatically reconciled by InShip. Invoice errors are detected. InShip also provides a simple method of notifying suppliers of any issues encountered through reconciliation.

  6. PO / GRN Matching

    InShip matches invoices to POs generated from your accounts package. Invoices are matched to Goods Receipt Notes on a line-by-line basis.

  7. Insightful Reports

    Gain deeper insight into your invoices as you’ve never had before. See spends on specific suppliers in specific months, or a breakdown of spend across nominal ledgers.

  8. Payments

    Organise and schedule payments of invoices directly from InShip.

  9. Security

    We understand InShip may handle sensitive information. All communications with InShip are secured through SSL SHA-256 with RSA Encryption. We maintain daily server backups on our secure servers.

InShip Benefits

InShip from DB Computer Solutions automates invoice processing to drive:

    • Immense time savings – your staff will no longer have to manage the time-consuming drudgery of supplier invoice processing. Automated processing increases efficiency and productivity, maximises accuracy by eliminating manual re-keying while double-checking correct amounts owed to suppliers, and reduces paperwork. By using InShip, businesses can redeploy accounting staff to other, more effective activities.

    • Price Watch – is the internal system that notifies you if a supplier increases their pricing. InShip protects margins by enabling you to keep an eye on costs.

    • Authorised Approval – supplier invoices analysed by InShip are automatically sent to specified employees for final payment approval.

    • Saving money means increasing profits – InShip frees up back office staff to work in other value-added areas of your business. Time savings reduces the amount of overhead your company incurs when processing supplier invoices – savings in time and money that can result in more profits to your business.

    • Minimising Supplier Invoice Processing Costs – recent studies demonstrate that processing a single invoice received from a supplier costs €4.00. These costs include the wide-ranging workflow required to pay – and account for – those invoices: from the time it takes to open the envelope, to coding and keying the invoice into accounting systems, through approval, payment, and storage of the paper invoice to meet compliance.

Moreover, studies also find that suppliers incur the same costs when generating an invoice. To reduce costs on the supplier side, many suppliers are now emailing invoices to their customers. By doing so, suppliers are passing their costs onto their customers.

InShip dispenses with the above internal costs by automating, and digitizing, the entire process.

    • Eliminating Storage Requirements – because InShip stores invoices in the cloud, this innovative solution eliminates the need to store paper invoices, helping to eliminate the cost of physical invoice storage. With InShip, current – and older – invoices are also easier and faster to locate.

    • Integrate with Sage 50c / Sage 200c– InShip is fully integrated with Sage 50c and Sage 200c accounting solutions. Data captured by InShip is quickly migrated to your accounting package and specified ledgers. This capability reduces the need to key in data, while increasing accuracy.

    • Go Green – because InShip eliminates a great deal of paper, the process contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

Proving Productivity

Recent analyses prove how InShip contributes to increased productivity and efficiency. The graph below points out a startling finding.  Within a specific time period, those using manual processes worked through 700 Supplier invoices.

On the other hand, those using an automated system processed almost 10,500 supplier invoices in the same timeframe. InShip delivers the time-saving benefits sought by any company.


What People Say

“InShip is the best software solution I have ever used in my 25+ years’ experience in Finance/Accountancy.”

Damian Feeney
Barna Recycling

Case Study

Automated InShip reduces games company’s supplier invoice processing costs by 80 percent. See how with our Use Case Study


See how the efficiency of InShip Automated Supplier Invoice Processing will benefit your company by viewing our Showcase.

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