SME Solutions : Are you integrating Service Management yet?

There are many benefits to scoping, implementing and deploying an integrated solution when it comes to service management.

Saving time, would probably be the most tangible benefit, because saving time usually means saving money. And who wants to spend more time and money when they don’t have to?

Preparing for ISO accreditation would be another, since it brings into focus all of your key policies, procedures and other process documentation.

Most businesses can get by with Excel spreadsheets, manual data entry and paper-based systems but there comes a time when it is no longer efficient or manageable. Some companies can even survive the damaging effect on cash flow when they have to manually reconcile service dockets and upload the data into their accounts software to create invoices for dispatching. db bpi

If this describes your business, get in touch with the team at DB Computer Solutions for a free consultation.

Integration is no longer an expensive solution. We have twenty years helping SME’s with technology solutions. “Business Process Improvement” was never more relevant in manufacturing, distribution and production, so why not apply it to Service management and Facilities management? Saving time and money never goes out of fashion!

  • Still using docket books?
  • Wasting time on paper trails?
  • Finding spreadsheets have their limitations?
  • Using systems which don’t talk to each other?
  • Interested in a streamlined solution which meets ISO standards approval?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, we have a strong solution. In a nutshell, the DB service module is developed to integrate Sage accounts with Sage CRM, and it allows you to capture data onsite when conducting a service call, post-installation work, or an installation of a system for your client. The software also comes in handy if you have a requirement for uploading schematic diagrams or sketches directly into your back-office system, for example when putting together a quotation for your client. This can be done via a handheld, such as a robust tablet device. DB Service Brochure ISM_Page_1

Not only does this facilitate faster billing, by collating your service call data with the appropriate invoices, or signatures captured after work completed onsite, but it also means you can eliminate data duplication, meaning you can save time. And again, saving time means saving money.

We can effectively replicate any docket books to capture onsite data. The chief benefits include knowing that all your acceptance certs, engineer checklists, post-installation checklists, work schedules and technical standards documentation can be accessed, completed and updated onsite, without the need for filling out several forms, or printing and carrying forms around. The form templates are all accessible via a handheld, which in turn can submit and retrieve data from the same system used in the office for administration and billing purposes.

To find out more about who we are and what we do visit . Aside from IT support and Sage support, we specialize in technology solutions for SMEs, particularly those involved in environmental solutions, service management, facilities management, and the security industry.

Of particular relevance in terms of the Service Module would be companies we can help who are involved in water treatment solutions, air conditioning and heating & ventilation systems, plumbing and electrical work, scheduled maintenance or repair work, and service call outs for mechanical systems including everything from a coffee machine to an aircraft.

In short, if you need to schedule a job, our software will allow you to track, manage and assign the job.

Call our team on 061 480980 or email for more information.

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