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Launch of Sage 200c version 2017 Gives Users What They Want

When Sage recently launched enterprise accounting solution Sage 200c version 2017, they worked hard to give users exactly what they wanted. Most new functionalities are based on direct User input and feedback delivered via Sage’s user portal. Sage realised that businesses wanted an enterprise accounting system that was more agile and delivered true business freedom.…
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Does Traceability Apply to You?

When you hear the word "traceability", you immediately think of the food production or pharmaceutical industry, and rightly so. However, there are numerous peripheral businesses, such as packaging, that require the ability to reproduce batch numbers on their products in order to fulfill their client’s requirements. Traceability per se can also apply to a number of other…
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Stock Control to suit your Business using Sage 200 Extra

If you are going to keep your costs down, having an accurate view of your stock on a daily basis is paramount. How often do you keep a stock check? Or let me ask another question, what would the benefit be to you if your stock was checked on a daily basis? Okay, so it…
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