Stock Control to suit your Business using Sage 200 Extra

If you are going to keep your costs down, having an accurate view of your stock on a daily basis is paramount.

How often do you keep a stock check?

Or let me ask another question, what would the benefit be to you if your stock was checked on a daily basis?

Okay, so it would be impractical to do this, however if you were checking the stock in and out of your business electronically, you have to admit it would help drive your business far more efficiently.

A successful Stock Control system allows you to buy your stock in a timely fashion by either placing an automatic Purchase Order based on your Sales Order’s shortfall or critically alerting you to low stock level numbers based on minimum order levels or delivery times via your supply chain.

sage 200 extra

Now think of how important it is to have your stock integrated with your financial system, giving you real time costs and up to date management accounts.

Sage 200 Extra in conjunction with DB Computer’s Barscan system can help your business achieve all of this.

Using Sage 200 Extra:

  • When allocating stock to your sales order, you can choose to use stock that’s on hand first
  • When entering an order for an item not normally kept in stock, you can raise a purchase order to the supplier
  • You can deliver items to a number of delivery addresses
  • View alternate products, should certain items not be available
  • Publish expanded information around your products to your E-Commerce Website
  • You have unlimited price bands for each stock item, it’s easy to understand and maintain prices by units of measure (e.g. crate, bottle, case)
  • Control stock items by serial or batch numbers, including criteria such as sell-by and move-by dates
  • Offer wireless access to your warehouse staff for picking lists and receiving purchase orders

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