RTE News and other global news agencies are this morning reporting the malicious, worldwide attack by GoldenEye Ransomware on IT infrastructure. This virus has the same characteristics as the recent WannaCry Ransomware virus.

IT infrastructure across the world has been affected. RTE reports the viral outbreak apparently started in the Ukraine. It has already spread to Ireland with shipping firm Maersk and pharma company MSD reporting major IT outages due to the cyber attack.

Like WannaCry, GoldenEye leverages security cracks in older Windows operating systems. Experts believe Windows 7 and Windows XP are particularly vulnerable.

Reports indicate that even those who patched IT systems against EternalBlue (apparently originally developed in the United States by the CIA and National Security Agency) may be vulnerable to attack.

Because GoldenEye incorporates worm threats (as did WannaCry) the outbreak is expected to last by slowly but steadily spreading throughout the world.


  1. Patch Windows Operating Systems by downloading patches directly from Windows Update.

  2. Check Windows Update Frequently for more releases. Windows IT software experts are expected to continue working on this new threat and could release new patches to protect your Operating System and infrastructure.

  3. DO NOT OPEN UNKNOWN EMAIL like WannaCry, the GoldenEye Ransomware is being spread via unsolicited email. If in doubt, DO NOT CLICK TO OPEN email.

  4. BACK UP YOUR DATA NOW – should GoldenEye infiltrate your system it will lock up all hard drives meaning you will lose vital data and be unable to operate your business. It is imperative that you BACKUP YOUR DATA RIGHT NOW.

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