Sage 50c Top Tips 4

Tip 4. Collaborating Instantly with Sage 50c and Sage Drive

Closing out, and reconciling, monthly accounting information with your accountant using traditional Sage 50 methods has always been a bit awkward. You or your staff would have to export Sage 50 data and give that to your Accountant. Then your Accountant would carry out required workflows (month or year end, account reconciliation, or similar) on his or her instance of Sage 50. He or she would then have to export those changes and send it back to you. Finally you’d have to re-import that revised data onto your version of Sage 50 so you’d both be working off the same page.

And if you needed to make any revisions, you’d have to run through the same process: make a copy, send it back to the accountant, who would have to upload it…and on and on and on.

But with Sage 50c those many steps are no longer necessary. The secret? Sage 50c incorporates Sage Drive, enabling users to migrate all data seamlessly into secure cloud infrastructure.  Which means: any authorised user, working anywhere with Sage 50c software, can instantly and securely access that data.

How it Works

It’s simple, really. Let’s assume you’ve purchased Sage 50c Accounts with a 5 user licence. Prior to Sage 50c, users had to access Sage 50 data locally – which meant they had to visit the office. So…if you wanted to enter some data over a weekend, for instance, it meant driving back to work and giving up much of a day off to do so.

And…prior to the advent of Sage 50c, if you wanted to share data with your accountant (and smaller businesses often work with accountants located away from the office) it meant exporting the data (as described above) and waiting until your accountant was finished with any reconciliation and had returned the data before using Sage 50 again.

But no longer. With Sage 50c:

  1. Turn on Sage 50c and activate the in-built Sage Drive

  2. Export data to the cloud using that Drive

  3. Assign your authorised number of users with access to your data in the cloud

  4. And you’re done!

Authorised users can access your secure cloud data from their version of Sage 50c located on a desktop or laptop in the office, or at home, or at the accountant’s place of work. When any changes are made with Sage 50c by authorised users, those changes are automatically migrated to the cloud. Which means your data is always up to date – and authorised users will only access the very latest information.

No longer will you have to send copies of data to your accountant. Instead, your accountant can instantly access Sage 50c data stored in a secure cloud to expedite accountancy requirements.

The results? Increased efficiency and productivity for everyone. And – you’ll be able to speed accounting processes for better and more accurate management information.

With Sage 50c and Sage Drive, collaboration is made easy.

DB Computer Solutions is committed to helping our Sage 50c customers get the most from their hybrid cloud, state-of-the-art Sage accounting solution. We’ll help you devise management reports to accurately monitor the health of your company. And Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions empowers your staff to leverage the collaborative power of this innovative Sage 50c software.

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