Not Cryptolocker AGAIN !! DB Computers recommend Backups & Veeam

Yes I’m afraid so!  On a weekly basis, we are now helping customers and clients who have been hit by the dreaded Cryptolocker !!

If you’re one of the hundreds, probably thousands, of computer users who get hit by ransomware every day, there is no need to panic.

Aside from seeing the dreaded message : “All your files were encrypted by CryptoLocker!” please remember not to lose the plot, help is at hand.

In the modern day version of Dick Turpin and the highwayman, all of the documents, photos, videos, and other files on your computer can be easily decrypted.  That is, as long as you are willing to pay the Bitcoin equivalent of €500 for the decryption key. The price goes up if you hesitate more than a few days.

Unfortunately, this so-called Ransomware is on the rise.

New variations with new capabilities have emerged, making this major threat more dangerous than ever before and with the same encryption style used by cybercrooks as major banks, cracking the code to release your files is often literally impossible.

Fortunately, there is one sure method for recovering encrypted files that doesn’t require paying a ransom.  That method is backup.

Protection Against Ransomware

There are a number of measures you can make to protect against a ransomware attack.

Whitelisting:  This feature allows you to specify which programs are allowed to run on your computer.  “Application whitelisting is one of the recommended security strategies we advise as it allows only specified programs to run, while blocking all others, including malicious software.”

We also recommend keeping both your operating system and all of the application software you use updated with the latest upgrades and patches to plug any potential security holes that could be exploited by malware, including ransomware.  Anti-virus software (not freeware) can also help protect your computer, as long as you use it to scan all software downloaded from the internet and keep it all up to date.


We strongly advise caution with any unsolicited links in emails or indeed opening attachments.  Should you be infected, we advise you strongly not to pay the ransom!!

Some IT companies are actually advising clients to pay up!!

Surely that’s absolutely crazy??

Backup, the Best Protection and the ONLY Protection.

The only and most effective protection—is backup.  When all else fails, secure and comprehensive backup protects you by storing all of your files and data safely away from your computer and any malware infection that might be present.

The best backup solutions work continuously, behind the scenes, quietly updating every file on every device you own.  Backups can be stored locally, but for best results, backups should also be stored remotely with ourselves or in (the cloud) as part of a hybrid solution.

In the cloud, data can be securely accessed no matter what happens to local copies or your devices.

With a secure and robust solution in place, that is easy to use, protecting all of your devices, the dreaded ransom note desktop image loses its sting.  Far from becoming a major source of frustration, thanks to backup, a ransomware infection then becomes a minor annoyance to be dealt with a few clicks of a mouse to turn back the clock, and reset your computer to its prior to-infection state.

Of course, to be truly effective against ransomware, a backup solution has to be in place before infection occurs!!!!  Afterwards is definitely far too late.

At DB we strongly recommend that you chose ‘Veeam’ – it’s what we use ourselves!

It is an easy-to-use and affordable solution for small businesses, and designed for all types of business environments. It provides fast, flexible and reliable backup and recovery coupled with a NAS  (Network attached Storage) i.e. Synology / Netgear / HP – pick your brand and device type – we don’t mind, or indeed, you may consider our own DB remote off-site storage solution.  It makes no odds as long as it’s a robust secure backup!

Any enquiries? Give us a call on 061 480980 to discuss – we are more than happy to visit your premises to have a chat regarding your current backup environment and give you the best advice on what you need to do to secure and protect your business.  Or email us (if your PC is still working okay) on veeam-logo

Please don’t get caught out – get your business protected with Veeam.

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