Sage 200 – One solution for all your warehouse management requirements

Business never stops! There is always advancement going on in the market and it is very important to keep up with the pace of the market or you will lack behind. It is evident that as the company grows over time its inventory grows as well.

Warehouse management is of paramount importance to ensure increased productivity and profit. Keeping a track on the goods in the inventory is not an easy task because there will always be goods coming in and going out.

To be able to acquire steady growth, it is important to have software that gives you the tools for the barcoding of your products and management of the products in your warehouse. Looking for software that can meet all your business needs? Sage 200 is the one!

It is one of the top notch warehouse management software solutions used by businesses all over the world. And it is simply a one-stop solution for everything concerning warehouse management. Some of the main benefits that you can reap from Sage 200 are:

Sage 200

Serial numbers to control stock items

Serial numbers can be appended for the items that need to be identified easily. Sage 200 allows you to give automatic and unique serial numbers to your goods.  It also allows you to add sell-by and use-by dates, alongside those goods to ensure you know every single detail about your inventory.

Create batch numbers easily

Sage 200 is also extremely efficient in creating batch numbers; making it easier for you to control your stock items. It gives you information about the raw materials used for the production of a certain amount of product in your company.

Allows you to manage multiple warehouses

Sage 200 is great when it comes to managing the inventory across the whole organisation, even at different locations. It makes sure you are able to manage all your warehouses with single software with utmost ease. Each location can be managed separately in terms of reporting, sales, stock takes and replenishment.

Diversity in units of measure

Sage 200 allows you to process different units of measure. It enables you to sell, purchase and store same stock items with different measurements. For example, if you have a wholesale ceramics business, then with Sage 200 you can buy tiles by the box, store them by the pallet and sell them by the square meter with ease.

Eliminates the risk of losing order history

Sage 200 eliminates the risk of losing the order history or ordering any inactive stock. You can flag the inactive items with Sage 200, which makes sure such items cannot be ordered again. They still remain in the order history making sure data is not lost.

Allows you to handle Barcoding easily

Barcode management is also one of the main features of Sage 200. Barcoding for Sage 200 enables you to create multiple barcodes against a stock item. It also allows your employees to print the barcodes directly to the printer from Sage 200.

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