The Benefits of Private Cloud Computing

The Benefits of Private Cloud Computing

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Are you considering cloud computing for your business? DBcloud from DB Computer Solutions enables your business to run favourite applications and data over the cloud, your way.

The significant benefits of Cloud Computing from DBcloud

  • Decreased costs – if your business desired to create a wholly-owned cloud computing environment, it could cost thousand in hardware and supporting services. DBcloud from DB Computer Solutions provides a cost effective method for gaining all the benefits of cloud computing by eliminating expensive capital investment.

  • Increased agility and flexibility – with DBcloud, your business can run its favourite, critical applications and related data your way, in a cloud environment. Unlike other alternatives, you have complete access to back-end systems.

  • Get to Market Quicker – with DBcloud you can spin up a new Virtual Machine within the cloud in only hours. You no longer have to invest in stand-alone SAN or LAN supporting hardware, and wait for delivery, deployment, and testing.

  • Quick Scaling – do you need more capacity? DBcloud enables you to increase storage, memory, compute and other resources almost instantly should demand require it.

  • Guard Against Attack with Automatic Backups and Replication – applications and data held in the DBcloud environment are automatically backed up and replicated. This facility guards against potentially significant damage caused by such attacks in a stand-alone environment.

  • 24/7 Anytime, Anywhere Access – DBcloud enables authorised users to access your applications at anytime, from anywhere, to  facilitate collaboration and increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Full Support – DBcloud is fully supported, around the clock, by skilled, experienced engineers.

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