Integrate Sage 200cloud with Sage CRM and Service Manager

Integrate Sage 200cloud with Sage CRM and Service Manager.

Centralised Control Yields Increased Customer Service Levels and Profits.

If your business manages multiple locations and / or businesses, and employs staff in the field, centralised management control can drive new efficiencies.

See our Sage 200cloud Use Case Study to learn how you can benefit from integrated Sage 200cloud from DB Computer Solutions.

Sage 200cloud is the mid-level, hybrid-cloud-powered accounting and management solution perfect for growing businesses. Integrate Sage 200c with Sage CRM and Service Manager for transformational benefits to help you drive more growth.

With this powerful integrated solution:

  • Dispense with manual systems for greater control and accuracy
  • Manage multi-locations, multi-currencies
  • Seamlessly transmit data from sales teams / engineering / service personnel in the field to increase customer service levels, as well as efficiencies and productivity
  • Increase accounting accuracy by dispensing with double-data-entry requirements

These are only some of the many benefits of integrated Sage 200cloud. To find out more, please contact us:               061 480980

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