Remote Rep from DB Computer Solutions

Remote Rep from DB Computer Solutions

DB Computer Solutions Summer Special

Remote sales are made easy for field sales teams with Remote Rep from DB Computer Solutions.

Innovative Remote Rep integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 from DB Computer Solutions and Sage 200 from DB Computer Solutions. Your reps in the field can now take orders from anywhere, at anytime, and seamlessly communicate them to Sage accounting for instant processing, despatch and invoicing.

Real Benefits

With Remote Rep from DB Computer Solutions your field sales teams can:

  • Instantly access full product lists, customer order histories, pricing, and more, all while in the field

  • Speed order taking at customer locations

  • Instantly communicate orders to your office via remote internet connectivity

  • Quickly migrate orders to Sage 50 or Sage 200 for rapid order processing

  • Accelerate invoicing and cash flow

  • Increase field sales efficiency and productivity

  • Eliminate manual order taking to never lose orders again

  • Increase competitive advantage

  • And much more.

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